Obama Wins, Country Loses

At bedtime last night, things looked dicey. Upon awakening, Romney had conceded. That is all I know. As I catch up, further commentary on this event will be posted.

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  1. Good comments on a sad day.

    What lies ahead for our country, few can imagine and even fewer are prepared for, or have the skills to deal with..take care of yours and hunker down.

    Obama has always needed an enemy to implement his agenda, however he now has a very real one , that being the math of economics. Our unsubstainable situation will probably come to fruition in the near future.

    The fear of many who still have thinking skills is how Obama will deal with a most certain collapse. I expect this is his opportunity for final transformation.

    Despite his acceptance speech rhetoric, he will not compromise or work with Congress, a noisy nuisance. Expect rule by executive order.

    Under the name of compassion/immigration reform, millions (who knows the real number) who entered this country illegally will gain citizenship and voting rights. There goes the demographics for the lifetime of anyone reading this note.

    Obama started buying this election with the stimulus act of 2009, politcal paybacks to supporters and favored districts. He was rewarded last night.

    America gone.

  2. Here’s what this means in my opinion:

    1) Obamacare will be fully implemented
    2) Biggest tax increase in the history of the world will come January
    3) Supreme Court will now be fully liberal
    4) We will surrender more of our rights to the UN – guns will be removed
    5) The end of the US as we ever knew it

    That last one is not hyperbole. I still think the election was stolen as I predicted a 5-10 voter fraud margin, and this is indeed the difference, but why would I make that last point? Here’s why. The gov’t will increase IMMENSELY the next four years. Gov’t employees, union members and welfare dependents will be the BIGGEST VOTING FACTION from now until the end of the US society. We turned into England over night and we will never be able to go back. Exit polls showed overwhelming displeasure with Obamacare and they voted for him anyway. We cannot recover from this.

    CONSERVATISM AS AN IDEOLOGY IS OVER IN AMERICA ! We are now officially the land of the dependent, jealous and greedy. Punishing success will be codified. No one will go into medicine or any field that takes a lot of time, money sweat and effort to achieve because work and success will no longer be rewarded.

    I am serious when I say I will be stunned if the economic collapse doesn’t happen in under two years. This isn’t just an emotional reaction to a loss. These were my thoughts before we knew the results.

    Make your peace with your family and prepare.

  3. What a unique teachable moment for all those who, “Sat this one out” or wrote in some name which had a snowball’s chance of being elected!

    When the curtain was closed on the voting booth, apparently the majority of America either abstained or voiced their preference for a muslim, foreign-born, hater of our country over a Mormon, principled, successful, family man. So be it.

    We will now have the opportunity to experience the destruction of what remains of our Republic and observe as the flickering light of Liberty is extinguished from the face of the Earth. Our grandchildren- who are already hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt- will one day despise you for your choice.

    Demographics alone determine there will be no more conservative victories in our national elections. The Piper is close at hand and he WILL demand to be paid in full.

    1. Perfect, could not have said it more succinctly. Cloward-Piven strategy has worked. The world that cheered for Obama will regret they killed the Golden Goose (America). My 17-yr.old daughter is beside herself as are all critical thinkers.

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