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For Obama, Even A Dog Does Not Qualify As A Friend

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The Benghazi tragedy will not go away. The questions are simple to formulate and should be just as easy to answer unless there is something that must be hidden.

Jack Kelly provides commentary along with some questions. There is no investigation necessary to answer these questions. If Obama wanted the answers (presuming he doesn’t already have them), he could receive them in an hour at most.

This coverup, like that in Watergate, goes right to the top. What’s being covered up is much worse than a “third rate burglary.” Why was security so lax? Why were the ambassador’s pleas for more turned down? Why did the president lie? Americans have a right to know. Few in the media have tried to find out.

None of these questions are unreasonable and all will eventually be provided with answers. Apparently Obama believes he can avoid them until after the election.

Obama has put himself into a lose-lose situation. He probably will lose the election, which may be the best outcome for him. If he wins the election, he likely gets impeached and removed from office.

There will be few defenders, even in his own party. He has no friends in Washington. The old saying is that if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. In Obama’s case the dog does not even seem to like him. The observation regarding Washington and friends is not true. Politicians generally have many friends, some even real. It is only when they clash over ideas or bills that the friendship becomes strained.

In Obama’s case, he has no friends in Washington and never has. He has few friends outside of Washington. He has made enemies in Washington by treating Senators and Congressmen as if they are little more than hired help. That assuredly is not what they think of themselves. Obama has ignored even those in his own party and treated them no differently than Republicans, which is to say, like a dog.

ignored them and treated them little differently than he has treated Republicans. But his effect on Democrats after winning the 2008 election has been negative. 2010 was an historic defeat for Democrats. Many Obama defenders were removed from office in the anti-Obama tsunami. More damage is likely to the party and its incumbents in this election.

As a lame duck he will be a royal pain in the _ss to members in his own party. His value to the party bulls is gone. That leaves no positives and lots of negatives. He remains an arrogant, incompetent albatross.

Should (when?) impeachment hearings start, who will be willing to sacrifice personal capital to defend this loser? Few Democrats. No Republicans. The CIA is finished with him and probably would do whatever they could to remove him. The military has no love for the man. Where is any support other than from the Obama cell-phone recipients?

If Obama is re-elected (which I doubt), he will be like a man marooned on an island surrounded by sharks waiting for an opportunity to exact revenge. What effect will that have on his psychopathic egotism and narcissism?


2 thoughts on “For Obama, Even A Dog Does Not Qualify As A Friend”

  1. 1. I can no longer see posted comments. That includes my own

    2. The GOP would NEVER, I mean NEVER be able to remove him from office. This would be treated as a lynching as deserved as it would be.

  2. While it may be accurate to state that barry has no friends in the Congress, he certainly has many friends within his administration. Just contemplate the legions of drones who would be on the dole were it not for him handing out lucrative positions to those who have a far left political disposition much like his. Czars, Cabinet members, Judges, federal Departments, not to mention the significant percentage of the top brass in all the branches of the military who have abandoned their oath to the Constitution out of self-interest.
    And over the last four years, he has shown a remarkable facility for extra-Constitutional executive orders and bureaucratic regulations that have accomplished much of the implementation of his agenda without the active participation of Congress. So why should he show them any respect?
    This man cares not a whit for anyone save those like Van Jones and the “reverend” Wright who hate what our Republic has stood for and are doing their best to dismantle what remains of Liberty and Sovereignty within our porous borders.
    One week from today We The People have one last chance to choose our future course. Should we choose unwisely, that course will be set in stone. God help us!

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