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Watergate Was A Pimple Compared To Libya

The Libya mess continues to worsen. The Obama campaign is caught in a cover-up in which four American’s died.

Comparisons to Watergate are absurd on two counts. In today’s political and ethical world, Watergate would be considered brilliant  political tactics, at least if it were done by a Democrat. More importantly, no one died in Watergate and the country was not embarrassed.

The level of integrity and lying from this Administration outdoes anything I have seen or could imagine seeing. Anyone with concern for truth and honor should be outraged by the behavior of this government. Party affiliation should have nothing to do with the shame. Perhaps the degradation only reflects the man and his team in the White House, but there is no assurance of that.

To understand how bad this cover-up must be, one need only view the panic of the rats involved. Some are already abandoning ship Obama. These include members of the media as well as members of the Administration. As important as those abandoning their man, the behavior of those remaining is more telling. They are turning on each other, trying to throw each other under the bus before they themselves become road kill.

Larwyn’s Links, a highly-recommended news aggregator, references three to four dozen articles daily. Rarely are there more than a few articles on a particular topic. Here are the articles dealing with Libya from October 15’s edition:

The number and tone of these articles reveals the importance of the Libyan event. No one wants to be left holding this bag and its contents.
Amazingly this attention comes from a media whose first reaction is to protect this Administration. How bad must things be for them to not fully participate in the cover-up? Can you imagine how the circumstances would be if this were an unpopular Democrat (that may be an oxymoron for the media)? What if the White House were occupied by a Republican?
The damage to the US is serious. The “paper tiger” has been shown to be unable to protect itself from terrorist attacks. An attack on an embassy is equivalent in terms of sovereignty to an attack on the homeland.
In this politicized US election, a president rapidly approaching defeat is unlikely to not respond. This October surprise will be an attempt to reclaim credibility among the electorate. A drone attack is likely to be launched pre-election, (perhaps pre-tonight’s debate) claiming retribution on the perpetrators of the embassy tragedy. The attack will be for political purposes. The public will never know whether the perpetrators or innocent civilians will have been killed.
It is all so predictable and so corrupt.