First Reaction To The Presidential Debate

I am traveling so am unable to do much but provide a couple of observations re the recent debate:

  • One man wanted to be there, while the other didn’t.
  • One man was prepared, the other wasn’t.
  • One man used data while the other didn’t.
  • One man appeared knowledgeable while the other didn’t.
  • One man understood the President’s policies better than the President.
  • One suit appeared robust while the other suit looked empty.
  • One man looked like Clint Eastwood while the other looked like a chair.

To sum up, the debate was classic — one between form and substance. Form did not have the Greek columns and other pageantry to bolster it. Media was unable to spin the outcome from what millions of Americans saw. Substance went one on one with form and form was obliterated.

The battle, fought without media filtering, was too definitive for the media to distort. Obama was small, disinterested and ineffective. He was unable to defend himself or his policies. Romney, the unlikable, impersonal candidate destroyed the media’s hero politely and objectively. If it the debate were a fight, it would have been stopped by the third round.

I don’t know the format of the next debates. If it is similar to last night’s, where Obama cannot be protected by moderators, he is cooked. The president is shallow, has no true command and understanding of data and is unable to defend a string of failed policies. He is up against a “doer,” a man of accomplishments who is results oriented and hardened in the competitive real world. Romney thrives on data while Obama thrives on BS. Without a guardian media, Obama cannot go head to head with someone able and willing to confront his platitudes with hard, cold data.

The fact that Romney was willing to take it to The Man surprised many, possibly no one more than Obama. He appeared as commanding as a dog caught in some wrong act. Obama’s shallow sound bites, replete with dishonesty, may work with a compliant media running interference for him. They are indefensible when confronted with unfiltered facts.

Obama is a creation of the media. He has surrounded himself with yes-men, chosen because they worship the same ideology unique to Obama. Four years in this protective bubble did not serve Obama well. Nor has it reflected well on our compliant media.

This debate has exposed the nonsense that passes for objective reporting in this country by exposing the President as a fool who is willing to say anything to advance his ideological agenda. One can only hope that the voters will hold him and his complicit media accountable for what has occurred.

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  1. “Student”, sure but unfortunately he is president (unlawfully so, yet here we are); and so here we are with an affirmative action cultural Marxist president. I never thought I’d say this, but he really does make Jimmy Carter look good. Without a teleprompter to deliver a speechwriter’s words and the mainstream media covering for him, he is the exposed as the cultural Marxist idiot he truly is. He really is as dumb as he sounds. The arrogance is probably some form of overcompensation for that little gnawing voice in his head telling him he is an utter fraud and failure at everything he has ever been handed on a silver platter. The combination of arrogance and stupidity is simply breathtaking.

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