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Polling Bias has virtually called the Presidential race. They believe Mitt Romney will be the winner. According to them, the race is not close.

Surprised? You should be if you don’t understand the corruption of the mainstream media and their pollsters. Almost every poll is terribly skewed in terms of over-weighting Democrats versus Republicans. Is it surprising that Obama polls better among Democrats than Romney?

Polling is more art than science, even when it attempts to be fair. For example, how does one adjust for the results of 2008? Blacks represented 14% of the electorate although in prior elections they represented about 11%. Obama turned them on with his “hope and change.” That fervor is gone as blacks have suffered more under Obama than other constituency groups. Black pastors are urging parishioners to not vote, primarily due to Obama’s stance on gay marriage. Will blacks represent 14% of the electorate in 2012? No! But many pollsters weight them as such in their results.

College kids turned out in record numbers for Obama in 2008. These young gullibles are not turned on this election. The future they were promised has turned into one of unemployment, moving back in with their parents and worrying about the burden of student loans. Both their proportion of the vote and the percentage that went for Obama will be down in 2012.

The only reason to be surprised at the skew in polling is the naive presumption that pollsters are objective in their efforts. You believe they are like weathermen trying their best to forecast the weather.  Yet, unlike weathermen, many try to influence outcomes. Every poll is funded by somebody and in most cases that somebody can be traced back to a major media or political source. Just as the media is biased in terms of their reporting, they choose pollsters who will advance their positions.

At this stage in the election cycle, most pollsters are hired guns, prostitutes for their benefactors. They are more interested in affecting the outcome of the race by convincing voters that their candidate is a shoo-in. The wider the margins, the less turnout for the opposition, at least that is the belief.

In the last couple of weeks of the race, these pollsters will “get religion” and attempt to produce accurate polls. After all, their credibility is at stake and they will be judged ultimately as to how accurate their last polls were with respect to the results. They cannot afford to continue their con to the end without affecting their income possibilities in future elections. has arguably adjusted for the skew in the polls based on an imbalance of Democrats polled versus Republicans. The results are shocking and provided by Doug Ross:

I don’t know the UnskewedPolls organization, although feel that there is a significant bias in many polls. Whether it is as shocking as presented above will be known soon, probably before November. The polls will tighten up as these pollsters are forced to balance their desire for Obama to win with their need to remain credible.

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