August, 2012

The Recession Never Ended And Will Not Until A Depression Occurs

Our country is getting poorer. Part of the decline is due to the economic recession; part of it is due to the secular decline that has been addressed in several articles on this website (here is a recent one). Sentier Research recently released a report detailing what has happened to median incomes in this country: After adjusting for changes in consumer [...]

Quote Of The Day

Bruce Walker sums up the state of liberalism: … it has no ideas, and it scarcely pretends to have ideas anymore.  Listen, when you can bear it, to the drivel from the Obama campaign.  What is true of this presidential campaign is true of the whole of leftism in our land.  It is sterile, vapid, and boring.  The recent exchange between Anderson [...]

Economists — What Good Are They?

Economists, as a group, are mostly useless. That was not always the case, although it has been so for much of the last fifty years. Captured by “physics envy,” economists sit in the halls of academe trying to impress one another with increasingly useless and arcane studies. This intellectual masturbation is what they are encouraged to do. It is also [...]

Common Sense Video — An Extreme Libertarian Interpretation of Government

This video apparently is from a German producer and translated into English. Some may find the video overly controversial as it is a rather harsh libertarian indictment of government and the State. I think it useful  that people sometime hear extremes. Often extreme views are consistent with what we think and believe but are afraid or unable to express. Whether [...]

Why Obamanomics Did Not Improve The Economy

Almost three years ago, I argued that Obamanomics, President Obama’s version of economics, would fail and explained why. In reviewing Why Obamanomics Will Not Improve The Economy, I found it as relevant in hindsight as it was when it was first written. For the many new readers to this site, I hope you enjoy this topic: “The curious task of [...]

Common Sense Video — The Quiet Depression, So Far

This conversation between Gordon T. Long and John Rubino is an important listen. It deals with our declining standard of living which is expected to get worse. We are early into this economic decline and, as the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Thank the political class (and their political economist lackeys) for this situation — not just [...]

MSNBC Should Be Running Test Patterns

The sad saga of Chris Matthews continues. How much longer can this man stay employed? Watch what passes for a “talk show” with Matthews and Gingrich where Matthews sees everything through a racial prism. How does he have any audience at all? Answer: he practically doesn’t. MSNBC apparently considers him an improvement over running a Test Pattern in his time slot. [...]

Our Economic Condition in Graphs — The Economy Has Hit Stall Speed

Elsewhere I have argued that we are in a long-term secular decline. We do happen to have this rather serious recession (depression?) underway that complicates matters. Despite its severity, it is important to look at the bigger picture. The US economy is no longer growing at reasonable rates and has not been for quite some time. Should we get out [...]

Quote of The Day

Doug Casey commenting on the past and the future: What we experienced in the 1930s was a deflationary depression where billions of dollars were wiped out with a stock market collapse, bond defaults, and bank failures. Inflationary money that was created since the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 was wiped out. Prices went down. This depression will be [...]

From Defense to Offense Using Medicare Jiu Jitzu

The Conventional Wisdom Regarding The Selection Of Paul Ryan The selection of Paul Ryan was initially viewed by pundits as a highly risky one for the Romney campaign. So-called conventional wisdom, such that it is among the media elites, believes that Ryan’s stand on entitlements will drag down the Romney campaign. When “conventional” precedes “wisdom” in media matters, it usually [...]