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  1. Ok, now… the time has come for all of us to take our heads out of the sand box, and get real. Way past time, in fact, and the party’s over, using a couple of euphorisms.
    WE are broken as a nation, regardless of whom we blame, and the time has come for biting the bullet, and sacrificing our customary life styles, wealthy or frugal. None of will likely get through this unscathed, and only the few will starve who have lost the instincts of survival, or whom have become solely dependant on Big Bro’ and The Holding Company..
    This is no time to panic, nor (actually) to stash your rapidly devaluating money, but best spent on canned foods and survival gear, even if this crisis passes.
    Think on this, now.. There is a huge difference between surrendering, and acceptance of the, perhaps..strong possibility of the ultimate collapse of the economy, and you can’t eat gold.
    Ammunition may well be the future ‘coin of the realm’, and we are ultimately responsible for ourselves, and our own survival.. Buckle up. or buckle down. You can’t do less.

  2. This is exactly where our nation is headed if Comrade/Sultan/Emperor Obama is re-elected. Paraphrasing the old Smokey the Bear commercials of years ago: “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT OBAMANATION”.

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