Matthews Calls Out Corey Booker For Telling The Truth

Call me abnormal or demented if you wish, but I cannot understand the liberal mindset that dominates much of this country. Oh, I understand the parasites and why they vote the way they do. That is simple economics. If you can get something for free, there is no limit for demand. What I have trouble with is the so-called liberal intelligentsia, the so-called opinion leaders.

Chris Matthews might be an appropriate poster child for the insanity which passes for the liberal intelligence. Mr. Matthews used to work for Tip O’Neill. His Democrat credentials are unquestioned. Now he is a political hack with a TV show called “Hard Ball.”

His ratings appear to reflect both his abilities and the liberal demand for his brand of nonsense.  The ratings are low, too low for any other network but MSNBC.  The network itself is virtually a non-entity. Apparently they are unable to attract enough infomercials to fill time slots so resort to shows like “Hard Ball.” Someone apparently has determined that this show is better than showing a test pattern during this time slot. I am not so sure.

Conservatives may be a big segment of Mr. Matthews small audience. for he provides a treasure trove of bias and stupidity. It was Matthews who became enamored of candidate Obama when he got “a tingle up his leg.” In this clip Matthews amazingly accuses Corey Booker of an “act of sabotage” and “betrayal” for simply telling the truth about capitalism. Elsewhere, he has referred to the incident as “the horror of Corey Booker.”

Apparently Matthews’ need to support Obama and socialism trumps objectivity and truth. An Obama supporter like Mr. Booker cannot tell the truth because it conflicts with the meme that Obama is selling. An Obama supporter like Mr. Matthews must admonish Mr. Booker because he didn’t lie for Obama.

Watch this amazing video demonstration of Mr. Matthew’s objective journalism at the Daily Caller and his attempt to put Mr. Booker back on the Democrat Plantation. Apparently, to support Mr. Obama you must repeat his lies, regardless of your own conscience.

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  2. “Someone apparently has determined that this show is better than showing a test pattern during this time slot.” That is hilarious. I remember once in the late ’90′s Rush actually had CM guest host his show. That was during a time period though when CM came across as sane.

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