The US Can Break Apart Just Like Europe

John Mauldin describes one of the underlying flaws in Europe:

The European Monetary Union was a triumph of hope over reason, pieced together from very dissimilar countries which, while sharing common borders, have very different cultures and economies. That it would eventually face an existential crisis was foretold by numerous critics at the time of its creation. The euro has never been a real currency. It was and still is an experiment, fashioned and shaped by a generation with noble ideas and vision, but tied together by an unworkable structure. Can its foundation be reworked into a solid structure? Or will natural centrifugal forces pull it apart? The difficulties that are faced are somewhat akin to fixing the engine of a jet plane while it is flying at 30,000 feet.

Mr. Mauldin likens Europe to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein monster, a creation made strictly for the benefit of its creators. But that is the nature of most States and reflects the unease and disjointedness currently being there and to a lesser extent in the US. Europe was truly a collection of parts hastily assembled by a modern day Igor and patched together by the power elite who wanted a United States of Europe.

The US had the advantage of a common heritage with common language, traditions and culture, at least when it began. It also had the advantage of a limited government. As government grew beyond the role intended by the founders, politicians increasingly divided the country into factions, stressing our differences rather than our commonality. The notion of multiculturalism, espoused by academics, was taken to idiotic extremes. The political whores, vying for votes, used this concept and disparities in income to divide the country into segments and classes they could pretend to represent. The nation, at least politically, has been deliberately balkanized as a means of advancing the large government agenda.

We may have had a better start than Europe and a longer run, but we are ultimately headed for the same breakup unless politics changes and government is put back into its intended limits. Politics must be uniting rather than dividing, if the nation is to survive. Unfortunately, it is in politicians’ interests to divide as a means of attaining power. It is not in the interests of the country.