Another Sign The US is Over

The hypocrisy and stupidity of politicians is unbounded. Leading the pack in both of these categories is the easily despised Chuck Schumer, senator from NY. His attack on the Facebook founder and the threats he made about passing legislation that would never let him back in the country meets new levels of idiocy, even for Mr. Schumer. In his mind (or what passes for one), successful people should be punished severely. If they react in a manner to protect themselves, then up the punishment ante until they finally succumb to the political will.

This attitude is typical of Statists. They see only their view of how the world should work and want everyone to conform to it. That is why central planning requires force and coercion. The more complete the control, the more atrocities are committed in the name of the State. Everyone must be made to obey the details contained in the central plan, whether it makes sense or not. Whether they agree or not. We must do it for the State!

Think about the message conveyed by this latest Schumerism. What does it say to anyone with capital or talent? It says that if you become successful, we want whatever we are able to extract from you. It is just another reminder of why I have suggested that anyone under forty with a modicum of talent leave the country if Obama is re-elected. Let me rephrase that advice: leave the country even if Obama is defeated and the election is at all close.

By all rational considerations, Obama should lose in a landslide. If it is close, it means the number of stupid voters almost outnumber the non-stupids. That itself is a sign the country is gone! Someone just as bad (and just as unknown) will eventually replace Obama if the electorate is that far gone. If so, get out now!

Now back to Schumer’s stupidity. Just the thought that something like this could happen in the US will tilt the balance to more stupid voters. Some producers read the handwriting on the wall and are already moving their real capital out of the country. US businesses are not expanding domestically but are internationally. Much of that is related to business reasons, but some of it undoubtedly takes into account the deteriorating attitude toward producers in this country. Some human capital has already left. This last year represented the largest number of American renouncing their citizenship ever.

All of this further shifts the balance in favor of takers versus the makers. Worse, it sends clear signals to outsiders with talent and capital to not come here. Build your plant somewhere else where there may be less of a chance of it being held hostage by a hostile government.

Bill Bonner has an article that puts Mr. Schumer’s idea into proper perspective, both with respect to common sense and long-accepted legal principles:

… one of Facebook’s founders has moved to Singapore. He will save, by one estimate, $67 million in taxes by giving up his US citizenship. He says that’s not the reason he gave it up. But you can believe what you want.

And now the politicos are up in arms. Mr. Saverin has helped to give them an asset worth about $100 billion. Are they grateful? Do they bend down and kiss his derriere?

No! They want to tax him even more heavily…and prevent him from ever setting foot in the US again.

Yes, dear reader, there is no thought so dumb…so short-sighted…so low…that it won’t become the law of the land.


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  1. If Obama wins, that says nothing about how many stupid people there are. Don’t forget, about half the country doesn’t vote at all. I’d say that still gives us a fighting chance. All we have to do is convince the other half…

  2. Thanks Monty. the real scaring thing is that as these politicians go after the big fish with their stupid laws, they invariably hurt thousands of other little guys. Every single one of the punitive tax bills that they have passed, Reed Amendment (1996), Jones Act (2004), HEART (2008), FATCA (HIRE Act–2010) has had a adverse and negative impact on Americans living overseas, to the point that they must relinquish their American citizenship as I have done. I would be very happy also if you share with your readers our blog to help Americans abroad with their issues with these punitive attacks on them: In addition, I’d like to call your attention to my article at American Thinker, “No civilized country would ever banish Eduardo Saverin.”

    By the way, John Boehner has said he will support the Ex Patriot Act.

  3. You know these people are so stupid it is impossible to educate them, they are beyond that, it will take (sorry to say ) an event so bad we will all suffer for their stupidity, I would love to be wrong, but as you said government greed, I was just in Washington DC, visiting Arlington Cemetary, the scope of construction in DC is unbelieveable towering cranes everywhere, black limos going to & fro, I noticed around the Federal Reserve & State Departments armed camps of black swat teams, dogs with handlers parading up & down the sidewalks, amazing site, in other parts of the country, whole plazas boarded up, unemployment 12 to 20 % not in Washington, everything is being rebuilt like there is no tomorrow no wonder they want to plunder every last nickel from the producers, they produce nothing but hot air.

    1. Sounds like Washington DC is building just like Berlin after the Nazis came to power..
      I wonder who is the federal gummint’s Albert Speer??

  4. Good Post Monty,

    My opitmism for this country fades daily.

    When I talk with people “I LISTEN” to what they say and I hear the clueless, uninformed,misinformed,lacking of critical thinking skills,swayed by a worthless media, Oh sure they complain and feel they have done their part AND onto their favorite reality TV show.

    As for Schumer he will talk endlessly about corporate greed, personal greed, 1 % greed.

    What about Governmental GREED, You never hear politicians speak of the insatiable greed in government that has taken us to a point of no return.

    Once a government program is created it never ends, it simply morphs from one administration to the next until it is simply another appropriation line the bloated Federal budget.

    To feed this insatiable budget the politicans will spread the lie by implementing soft sounding hidden taxes, user fees surcharges,access fees or whatever crap name hides the fact their are extracting more money from those of us who work for every dollar.

    Its planting season here, irrigation season,calving season,lambing season and wood to cut for next winter, I go to bed dead tired every night AFTER A FOURTEEN HOUR DAY with hands raw from working in the dirt only to get up the next day and here the crap out of D.C.

    Schumer is clueless, just a self serving TEMPORARY POLITICIAN doing his part to run this country over the clift.

    Back to work, Sundays are garden planting days…

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