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The Left: Dumb and Satanic

I am not sure that a simple dichotomy does justice to the Left, but it goes a long way toward explaining the contradictions that are obvious. Steven Plaut describes the Left as composed of only two broad categories: the stupid Left and the Satanic Left. Simplistic? Sure! Inaccurate? Not so much.

In his words:

It is impossible to understand politics in the world today without grasping the fundamental fact that there exist two different lefts.  I propose that the two be referred to by everyone as the Stupid Left and the Satanic Left.  The two are very different, although they work together.  People who are part of the first are simply stupid people.  People who are part of the second may in fact be quite shrewd, but are evil and nefarious.  There is no third type of leftist.

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Few simplifications do justice to politics. I think Mr. Plaut’s comes closer than most. His is an interesting read of the contradictory beliefs that make up the Left in this country. Ultimately the dichotomy is a Good vs. Evil contrast with the Stupid Left representing good, at least in terms of  intentions. Unfortunately good intentions pursued with bad policies which lead to bad results is not good at all.

The Satanic Left uses the Stupid Left to attain the power and control by which they hope to impose their dystopia on everyone, including the Stupid Left.

2 thoughts on “The Left: Dumb and Satanic”

  1. Actually there is a third category, and I believe it is the majority. The stupid AND satanic. Vile wicked people who are colosally uninformed.

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