May, 2012

Current InTrade Pricing Reflect Obama Re-election

Here is the history of the value of President Obama being re-elected: To interpret this chart, price is equivalent to percentage. So, the last trade reflected a 57% expectation of Obama’s re-election.

Soak The Rich? No, Get Rid of The Poor

Class warfare may be a good campaign strategy, but only if you are counting on STUPIDS to get you elected. Anyone with reasonable intelligence should see through the idiocy in such campaign chicanery. Accept for the moment, my first two statements about which more shall be said later. For an approximation of the number of stupid people in the electorate, [...]

Obama’s Chances

From Reader Bob regarding yesterday’s post on Obama’s Re-election chances comes this email. I am not quite sure how to interpret the odds, but assume from his first P.S. that they are improving in Romney’s favor. Perhaps a look at Intrade, another betting site, may provide some confirmation. “Obama Will Not Win Re-election”. Oh golly, I do hope you haven’t [...]

Obama Will Not Win Re-election

It is time to call the 2012 election. President Obama cannot win. He will likely lose big, in a very lopsided election. Pundits will claim to be surprised when the outcome becomes apparent. They should not be as the signs of such a result are everywhere, despite the mainstream media’s attempts to suppress them. There are numerous reasons why Obama [...]

Tax Humor

Here is some tax humor, if there can be such a thing: Don’t you wish you had the nerve to do this?? Tax Return  Rejected I got my Tax Return  “Returned”! I was trying to get a jump on doing my  taxes  this year, but the IRS sent my Tax Return  back!! I guess it was because of my  response [...]

Political Humor

From an internet friend; original author unknown: A Green Bay Packer question Last year…. after the Packers / Bills game, Buffalo released quarterback Trent Edwards. During the Packers / Eagles game, the Packers injured Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb. Philadelphia then had to play backup quarterback Michael Vick. During a playoff game against the Eagles, the Packers injured Michael Vick and [...]

Capitalist Obama is a Complete Failure

Obama’s re-election campaign is in trouble. I predict (in an article that will appear here tomorrow) that he will not be re-elected. Obama’s record is atrocious and leaves him nothing to run on. That leaves him with a divide and conquer strategy and an attack Romney on his Bain Capital involvement. That is supposed to be the centerpiece of Obama’s [...]

Europe Will Trigger US

The European mess proceeds with no reasonable solution possible. The problem countries are hopelessly bankrupt. Saving them is unlikely and may bankrupt the rest of Europe. Tyler Durden expresses his opinion of the options: From here on out, the alternatives have been discussed to death and are clear as day: either the ECB, and the global central bank syndicate, inflates [...]

Don’t Analyse, RUN!

Economics is the study of individuals and human behavior. It is primarily a study of individuals allowed to pursue their own interests however they perceive them. The less freedom afforded to decision-makers the more questionable becomes the usefulness of economics in understanding outcomes. In the extreme, an individual being tortured confesses in order to avoid the pain. While that conforms [...]

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

Some great old film of a spontaneous celebration in Honolulu upon hearing that the war with Japan had ended. To see additional background on this film or to view it in a larger picture, go to its source.

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