The Conflict Between Politicians and Citizens

Ron Holland detects some intelligence or fear in Washington. He believes that politicians may have done something worthwhile, although is unsure what has motivated them:

It also could be preservation planning by politicians scared to death of re-election losses and their personal safety after what they have done to our nation, economy, wealth and freedoms. After all, looking at the civil unrest in Europe that could expand to the US, they’re in a corner. I believe our politicians only have two options: a return to free-market capitalism or bullets and, being politicians, they’ll probably explore both options.

The key point in Mr. Holland’s observation is that politicians act in their best interest, not ours. Only when these interests coincide can we expect proper policies and governance. Unfortunately the intersection of these two is infrequent.

When the Constitution restricted the political class to protecting property and a defending against aggression as the Founders intended, decisions were pretty much limited to those politicians could not exploit. Once the government gained control over the economy, government became a protection scheme that only the Mafia could admire. It also opened up the door for political entrepreneurship, the selling of favors to contributors and cronies.



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  1. I think it’s too early for Mr. Holland to be passing judgment. How about we just wait and see what will be the unintended consequences of the legislation.

    The only worthwhile thing any politician can do is commit suicide.

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