More Mencken and Obama

Recently I posted on how H. L. Mencken would have viewed our Obama problem. He would not have blamed Obama so much as the fools (voters) who put him in office. Mencken would have viewed Obama as a manifestation of Walt Kelly’s Pogo quote: “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

Obama is nothing more than the inevitable manifestation of the the human weaknesses that Mencken saw so clearly. He is the product of a society deficient in ethics, education and morality. His coming was foreseen by Mencken.

James Quinn discusses Mencken’s relevance, including several of his timeless quotes and observations in describing our current problem. In contemporary terms Mr. Quinn describes the problem:

Luckily for the politicians, most Americans are delusional and apathetic. They just got another text message from their BFF. They are consumed by who will get booted this week from American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. The NFL draft is tonight and did your [sic] hear that Kim Kardashian is doing Kanye West?

Mencken saw where this was going eight or nine decades ago. As an astute observer of human foibles and follies, Mencken knew that we would eventually elect “a moron.” We have.  Sadly few contemporary observers see it or are willing to admit it. Mr Quinn is a notable exception.

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  1. “No matter how many intellectually deceitful mouthpieces like Paul Krugman and Rush Limbaugh misrepresent the facts,…”

    It’s easy and popular to criticize Rush Limbaugh, but rarely does anyone offer credible specifics to support their criticism of him. It would have been nice if Mr. Quinn gave at least one example of how Mr. Limbaugh misrepresents the facts. Since he didn’t, I consider Mr. Quinn to be an intellectually deceitful mouthpiece.

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