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Bumper Sticker People

I am not a bumper sticker guy. I understand why some people might feel a bumper sticker appropriate for their alma mater, although I have never seen the need for this identity. What I really don’t understand are the cars covered with bumper stickers proclaiming political loyalties, love of pets, love of the earth and hundreds of other topics. Do these people not have identities of their own?

Some bumper stickers, even when not combined with others, are annoying by themselves. Usually these have to do with protecting the earth, politics, religion or guns. My biggest dislikes are the political ones, regardless of which party is represented. What is going on with these people believing that rooting for some outcome in some election is going to change anything?

I see bumper stickers and speculate what the people driving the car must be like. Is their life so shallow that they believe it can be improved with the election of one criminal class as opposed to the other? Can you imagine having a philosophical discussion with these people?

Sometimes it is fun to imagine things you never see. Have you ever seen a Prius with an NRA bumper sticker? How about an over-sized, obviously working, pick up truck with a favorable environmental message on it? People appear to sort vehicles and bumper stickers although similar lines.

Ever pass a car with particular bumper stickers on it and wonder what it would be like to live next or party with the occupants? Sometimes these thoughts are best left unexplored.

I have never had a bumper sticker on my car and likely never will. If I change my mind, I found the one that I would start with:

The only way it could be improved is by generalizing it to both parties and all candidates. But, that’s just me and my opinion.

H/T Legal Insurrection for the bumper sticker.