Your Living Standard Is Being Lowered By Government

One doesn’t have to understand economics to know that debt cannot grow faster than income for long. In such an instance, more and more of your income goes to servicing the debt. Each year that this happens leaves less money to spend on what you need to sustain yourself — food, shelter, savings etc. Even if your income is increasing, you are getting poorer. That is understood by even the least educated among us.

This simple lesson applies as well to governments, although they pretend it doesn’t In the process, governments are committing its citizens to lives less comfortable than they were or should be. Unbeknownst to many citizens, they are being made poorer by the nonsense that passes for governance today. The realization of that will come some day, perhaps soon. When it does, the citizenry will realize how they have been scammed for these many years. By then, however, it will be too late to do anything about.

Your are being committed to ever-decreasing standards of living. There is nothing you can do to protect yourself. To understand what is happening, read this clever piece from Mark McHugh:

Elmo Tries to Explain The National Debt (Again)

In HumorNational Debt on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Muppets have received a lot of bad press since Greg Smith realized that he is not, in fact, a one-percenter.  Fortunately Elmo’s back to reclaim his rightful place in the financial world:  Making the seemingly incomprehensible  comprehensible while politely pointing out what should be obvious to everyone not in diapers.  That’s not so easy when the economic views espoused by everyone from central bankers to TV talking heads can only be accurately described as infantile.

It’s hard to get the right answer when you’re counting the wrong stuff, and maybe that’s why Wall Street’s minions never discuss income per capita.  It’s a meaningful measure of economic strength that ordinary Americans can relate to.  Well, that and it exposes “pro-growth” policies for what they actually are:  An excuse to loot the country in broad daylight by focusing on GDP, where government money, no matter how horribly misspent, shows up in the “win” column.  Strip away that illusion and it becomes crystal clear that their path to prosperity is our highway to hell.

In case you haven’t noticed, incomes (not GDP) pay mortgages and support small businesses.  Increasing the National Debt by a can you say “parabolic?” 54% in the last 42 months hasn’t budged income per capita in nominal terms.  If you adjusted for inflation, you’d find that Americans are actually about 12% poorer today than they were in 2006.   We’re not “growing” our way out of this, we’re just going deeper and deeper into hock, courtesy of a government with about as much fiscal discipline as crack-whores with a stolen credit card.  Here’s the thing: It’s your credit card, so maybe you should understand how much they’re spending:

Just to be clear, we’re talking about $400 per citizen per month in new charges alone, month after month after month.  Here’s what me and Elmo can’t figure out: Why would attempting to break this spiral be labeled Class Warfare?  Of course you don’t have to believe  us, there’s far more distinguished schools of thought out there:

Fun facts:

    • From 1947 to 1974 US income per capita grew more than National debt per capita 25 times.
    • In the last 30 years, National debt per capita has grown more than income per capita 24 times.
    • The last time income per capita grew more than national debt per capita was 2001.
    • Ben Bernanke arrived at the Federal Reserve in 2002.

I’m going to ask Elmo to leave before this gets ugly…


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  1. Your site is one of the most intelligent, informative, erudite, enlightening and enjoyable sites I know to seek out. I remain depressed though, maybe even almost suicidal because, I have to ask, where’s the revolution? Where is the groundswell of resistance, the eruption of outrage? Why are people not running riot in the streets, especially when, even for the most simple-minded, the question of “are you better off 4 trillion dollar later than you were before” is all that anyone with an IQ above 70 needs to ponder. I weep for my fellow countrymen and for my country. On Jim Quinn’s site, he sometimes has an article titled “People of Walmart – We’re doomed!” and we are. We are doomed and it’s truly too late. I am neither sheeple nor lemming, so what do I do? The pain is indeed coming…If I don’t submit again, you’ll know why…

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