No Joy in Democratville Regarding The Election

At a time when they control government, Democrat politicians are uneasy, one might even say scared. The 2010 election was a disaster for them, a defeat of historic proportions. Public anger was especially felt at the State level where some legislatures went Republican for the first time in over a century.

Despite still owning the Senate and the Presidency Democrats have a palpable fear regarding the upcoming election. Three and a half years ago, Dems were on top of the world, owning the House and Senate and putting “The Savior” into the White House. Happy days were here again. They had excised evil Republicans from power. The future never looked rosier. The nation was excited by a charismatic President. It was time to transform the country and demonstrate how a well-run country, based on proper priorities,  functioned.

Unfortunately matters didn’t play out quite as envisioned. The economy did not respond, despite trillions of dollars in prompting. The Savior grew smaller and more human by the day. His crowning legislative achievement, ObamaCare, was unpopular, unworkable and destined to be repealed or reworked lest it bankrupt the country. The Senate was incapable of even passing a budget, the most routine but meaningful task for any organization.

The 2010 election shocked Democrats from their stupor, but not enough to change their ways. Despite voter rebuke, they continued to pursue unpopular policies. Today, the economy remains in what everyone but political hacks call a recession, the banking system is still insolvent, Europe is about to crash and burn, inflation is evident in gas and food prices and threatens to break out elsewhere, Democrat spending remains out of control and will have added $5 Trillion in new debt in four years. The US is increasingly seen as heading toward an end similar to that of Europe. Few view the President as any type of savior. He looks increasingly small, petty,vindictive, confused, desperate and incompetent.

The country has not improved under Democrat leadership. Things have gotten worse. More people are unemployed, record numbers are on the government dole, confidence is down, human and other capital flee the country and there is no indication that things are improving. Metrics indicate that what was thought to be a recession may well be something much bigger and worse. Five trillion dollars of deficit spending and four years have been wasted, at least in terms of engineering a normal recovery.

As the 2012 election nears, the mainstream media does its best to keep Democrat spirits up with fluff pieces regarding President Obama and the “improving” economy. How well that translates into votes at the ballot box will be determined. Those closest to the situation do not seem to be fooled. Uneasiness among Democrat politicians is palpable.

President Obama, not known for leadership ability, has managed to lead his collection of blind mice to the edge of a cliff and now encourages them to take the last step. The feckless, unprincipled Democrat leadership is apparent in that they followed their pied piper to the brink of destruction. Had they any governing philosophy other than “we will do anything to get re-elected,” their radical, extremist leader would have been stopped long before the political and economic tragedy that lies directly ahead. He would have been emasculated in office, renounced as the titular head of the party and not running for re-election in 2012.

Instead, we are near the 2012 election with a likely resounding defeat for President Obama and his fellow Democrats. All signs except for the cheerleading in the media and a few polls point to another horrific defeat. Other signs suggest otherwise. A recent one was the Republican Governors’ Association raising double what their Democrat counterparts did in the first quarter. Subtle but significant changes are showing up in reputable  national polls where Romney is suddenly seen as moving into ties or leading at both state and national levels. All of these are preliminary and hardly definitive, but they are not good signs for the Democrats.

A more serious indicator is political “retirements.” Notable Democrat politicians have chosen not to run again, most likely because they see the future and it doesn’t contain them in positions of power. Others might be satisfied to serve in the minority but are likely convinced they cannot win re-election.

None, of course, give the reason for choosing not to run as the probability of not winning or having to serve in the minority. All pay lip service to the usual inanities of wanting to “get on with life,” “do something different” or the time-worn “spend more time with my family.” The latest to announce is Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. Unlike most, he blasted Obama’s lack of leadership in the development of the healthcare bill:

“I’ll be real frank here,” Webb said at a breakfast organized by Bloomberg News. “I think that the manner in which the health-care reform issue was put in front of the Congress, the way that the issue was dealt with by the White House, cost Obama a lot of credibility as a leader.”

Webb voted for the law, but also for more than a dozen GOP-offered amendments to it.

“If you were going to do something of this magnitude, you have to do it with some clarity, with a clear set of objectives from the White House,” added Webb, who opted not to run for a second term this year. “…It should have been done with better direction from the White House.”

These are pretty strong words from a departing Senator. His and other departures are likely more meaningful than polls and media chatter. These are insiders with their ears to the ground and fingers in the wind. They know what is happening and their actions have more meaning than their words.

Whether you believe these are “rats leaving a sinking ship” or not, likely depends on your personal view of politics and the economy. To me, both the economy and our political situation qualify as sinking ships.

It is likely that all that is happening in 2012 is that Rattus Democratus will be replaced by Rattus Republicanus. Probably an improvement, but we need a big-time exterminator to solve this problem.

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  1. Obamugabe will lose in a landslide, Nazicrats will lose the Senate, the GOP will gain more seats in the House, and the GOP will make HUGE HUGE gains at the state level. Raw liberalism, unfttered, unchecked, unhidden liberalism has been on display for three years now, and the country is rejecting it like an incompatible organ. Really, the only question is how much of advanatge does their rampant voter fraud give them? 5-10%? ACORN has been stuffing ballot boxes since 2008. They control all the Secretaries of State, AND they keep allowing foreigners to vote in our election, disenfranchising EVERY LEGITIMATE US CITIZEN !! Plus, we have a foreign born usurper in office who may not even be ruled eligible. He should be in prison for releasing two forgeries, using someone else’s social insecurity number etc.

    No things look great for the GOP, but I fear the US Titanic is a mere ten seconds away from hitting the economic iceberg, so it doesn’t matter WHO is named captain at this point, the outcome is pre-ordained.

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