Maybury Sees Death of Dollar Via War

As most readers know, I believe the dollar is doomed. My conclusions are reached via economic analysis.

Richard Maybury is an excellent analyst who reaches the same conclusion but does not depend upon directly on economics to support his position. His analysis is political and geopolitical, grounded in Lord Acton’s admonitions about what power does to people in general and rulers in particular.

In a recent presentation, Mr. Maybury describes why the dollar will die regardless of economic policies:

But I’m here to call your attention to something other than the economics — something much bigger  —  that’s sneaking up on us unnoticed, and that’s war.

Even if all the economic analysis at this conference is wrong,  I think the dollar is still going to die, because it will be killed by war.

I’ll finish by emphasizing that the problem isn’t people, it’s power.  Political power corrupts the morals and the judgment.  The American golden age can be restored, but only after we drastically reduce the government’s power.

I am in agreement with his thesis and encourage you to read his presentation and possibly subscribe to his (for pay) service.


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  1. What strategies can be conceived to reduce the power and size of government? Who will conceive them? Who will organize to seek their adoption? Can any of the current political parties be trusted to adopt them?

    What parallels to the American Revolution can be useful to alert the American public to seek the reduction of the size and power of Federal and State governments? What can be done by the public to identify and curb the power of The Shadow Government which is an alliance of huge banks, Federal politicians and bureaucrats, and immensely wealthy people?

    Partial remedies have been proposed such as term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and others. Politicians respond to threats to their reelection. Perhaps internet groups can be formed by congressional district to advocate the reforms they want their Representative and Senators to enact. There are some conservative NGOs that have the size and goals to lead the formation of a nationwide consensus. BUT! To avoid the emergence of megalomaniacs in these organizations, something like the leadership model of Alcoholics Anonymous or Solidarity in Poland is needed.

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