Is The Country Mad?

That Obama is even considered re-electable is an indictment of this country and its voters. Given his performance record, how is it possible he stands a chance?

Obviously he does, according to most polls. One only can wonder why the Democrat Party even allows him to run given the the pain and suffering that has resulted from his reign. Do they have no one better or do they think that America is so dumb and corrupted that it will re-elect this incompetent?

Yates Walker has done a pretty good job of capturing 39 months of Obama in 231 words:

You must have health insurance to be a citizen, but you don’t need proof of citizenship to vote.

Profit is scorned, non-profit revered.

A man is innocent until proven guilty, unless his guilt suits a convenient narrative.

Arming foreign criminals with guns that kill our agents is unworthy of investigation or a staffing change.

Forty million new patients will receive health care without increasing the number of doctors, but your doctor and your health care plan won’t suffer.

The Constitution says whatever the man wearing the flag pin says it says.

We betray our friends’ secret plans, while transmitting comfort to Vladimir.



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  1. It does honestly seem bizarre

    The mass media is mad/technically insane

    But that normal majority of people wake up and believe all the drivel in media is astoinding

    As a student of history one has definite periods of seeminggly madness gripping a large greoup of people!as there does not seem any rational thinking in the face of obvious adversity

    Obvious enemies to a country is welcomed(?)And friends are betraye for what?

    All the cliches like “can’t see the wood for the trees” are suddenly alarmgingly true

  2. Is The Country Mad ?

    Yes, in the psychological sense whereas they should be MAD !!

    I simply shake my head that a Obama has any support.

    Record deficits, debt, overbearing regulations, green energy scams, divisive lectures, food police, no rational energy policies,lawless “justice department”, recess appointments while Senate is in session, open wealth redistribution mentality, on and on……endless class warfare language, phony labor stats, phony tax scams, numbers and projections, delayed taxes to finance his socialized medicine on and on.

    Never in my life, would I believe we would have a president state that there is a limit when people have made enough money. Does he see himself as a King who decides when one has made enough money? Regardless of how that wealth is attained or possible good it may have brought to society or our country?

    Yes our citizens are mad.

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