Obama’s Open Mic Gaffe

Wesley Pruden discusses the President’s open mic gaffe regarding Russia:

Few voters choose a president for his views on foreign policy, which is regarded as work best left to credulous wonks, artless dips and naive double-domes. It’s work in a place where real people don’t want to go.

Voters make occasional exceptions. George McGovern, who promised to “crawl on my knees” to Hanoi to end the Vietnam war, and Jimmy Carter, who bungled an attempt to rescue the American hostages in Tehran and left eight American soldiers dead in the desert, paid for their reckless goofiness as soon as the voters got a chance to bury them under landslides.

Barack Obama may soon join them in that pantheon to the gods of presidential screw-ups. He sent a message to Vladimir Putin begging for “space” with an implied promise to trash American missile defense later, after he achieves “flexibility” with the November election. That sounds like a promise to crawl on his knees to Moscow. Mr. Obama knows how to crawl. He earlier crawled to Cairo to deliver an apology for America being America, and offering something that sounded like a promise to make the Middle East safe for radical Islam.

“On all these issues, but particularly defense,” the president said in the confidential assurance to be relayed to Mr. Putin …

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