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Obama’s Inner Lenin Invoked in Desperate Re-Election Strategy


It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master. Ayn Rand

Perhaps the forces that now menace freedom are too strong to be resisted for very long. It is still our duty to do whatever we can to resist them. Aldous Huxley

Matters are becoming especially nasty in US politics as we approach a seminal election.

The country is irreconcilably divided between hard-core liberals and conservatives. Fortunately, there are enough independents that neither hard-core can muster a majority without modifying, to various degrees, their views. At least that is the way that elections worked before this one.

President Obama sees within his reach his dream of transforming the country. Unfortunately for Obama, his failures are apparent to growing numbers of citizens, many of whom supported him the first time around and are now suffering “buyers remorse.”

He is so close to what he planned, yet it is slipping away and his desperation is showing. Apparently in an effort to prevent this from happening, he is willing to employ his community organizer skills on a national level. These Marxist-Leninist-Alinsky tools were not planned to be unveiled until after his re-election. Now that this occurrence is at risk, he appears to be willing to use them as tools for re-election. This strategy reflects either desperation or misjudgment.

What do I mean by Marxist-Leninist-Alinsky tools? Quite simply, they are practical tools designed to accomplish an objective without regard to the legality or morality of the means. Obama has committed all out to an “ends justifies the means” campaign. Here, for example, are instructions from Lenin on power:

Comrades! The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed. …

1. Hang (and make sure that the hanging takes place in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers.

2. Publish their names.

3. Seize all their grain from them.

4. Designate hostages in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.

Do it in such a fashion that for hundreds of kilometres around the people might see, tremble, know, shout: “they are strangling, and will strangle to death, the bloodsucking kulaks”.

Telegraph receipt and implementation.

Yours, Lenin.

This telegraph appeared in an article by James Lewis on American Thinker. Mr. Lewis in his article likens current Democrat behavior to that of Lenin. He does not suggest that hanging is a part of that strategy, although other thug-like behavior is. When one’s pedigree includes the likes of Marx, Alinsky, Ayers and others of that ilk, thug behavior as a part of politics is the norm.

The bizarre and nearly unprecedented recent political behavior on the part of the Obama Administration results from the recognition that the election is slipping away. Some of the headwinds Mr. Obama faces are the following:

  • The economy is not improving (nor will it before the election).
  • Government stimulus is increasingly seen as political favoritism and a waste of taxpayer money.
  • Government continues to spend money that it doesn’t have, leading the nation closer to bankruptcy.
  • Voters understand that this spending has mortgaged the future of their children and grandchildren and may destroy the country.
  • The centerpiece of Obama’s economic program, green energy initiatives, produced no new energy and a track record of failing companies. It was nothing more than political payoffs to Democrat supporters.
  • Gas prices are at record levels and expected to soar upward from here while Obama plays politics with an important pipeline.
  • President Obama’s Democrat-controlled Senate refused to pass his requested tax hikes on oil companies.
  • The Supreme Court has exposed Obama’s crowning domestic achievement, ObamaCare, for its legal absurdities (which does not mean they will overrule it). The CBO estimates have more than doubled, casting doubt on the integrity of the President’s cost estimates.
  • President Obama’s proposed budget did not garner one Democrat vote in the House.

Mr. Obama has no achievement to run on and many negatives to overcome. Furthermore, his once perceived mystical qualities are no more. Most of what he has done has been a failure. Everything he has touched has become worse.

There is no way to intellectually defend his failed policies, but then that holds for much of liberalism in general. Liberalism is not based on reason but on “caring.” If you are not liberal, then you must be mean and uncaring. But what happens when you have been in charge and gotten all of your programs put in place and they don’t work? Under such circumstances it is hard to blame others for the problems. That is precisely the quandary in which Obama finds himself.

He cannot be re-elected running on his pitiful record. There is no way to defend it theoretically or empirically. “Caring” is not an asset when incompetence prevails. The only strategy left is the Leninist-Marxist politics of destruction and coercion. Hence, we see the beginnings of classic mob politics, madness passing off as idealist causes or movements.  We saw it when Obama tacitly or overtly (take your pick) approved of the Occupy Wall Street mobs. Before that we saw the antagonism surface when Obama inserted himself on the side of Henry Louis Gates against the Boston Police Department even when he had no knowledge of what had transpired. Now we a similar insertion into the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The facts of this case were not known when the great ambulance chasers of the race industry (Sharpton and Jackson) began to spin their version of what had happened. (As more information leaks out, this duo appears to be as unreliable as ever.)  That President Obama involved himself and encouraged this racial unrest is downright shameful and dangerous. He jumped in despite  any knowledge of what had happened, yet he remained conspicuously silent when the Black Panthers placed a bounty on Zimmerman, the alleged shooter.

Race-baiting by the country’s premier race pimps who pose as reverends is bad enough. It is disgusting and dangerous when the similar taking of sides occurs from the highest office in the land. The President is expected to adhere to the law and not encourage what appears to be misguided vigilante justice.

The position of President Obama is unprecedented. It demonstrates extreme misjudgment or an attempt to capitalize politically by pandering to a set of his constituents. Regardless, it is not a good sign for the country. Doug Ross offers the best advice for the country:

All Americans — citizens of every race, creed, religion and color — should reject the Democrat Party and its vicious marketing of racial hatred.

Protein Wisdom opines on Obama’s blatant practice of identity politics:

That our President and members of his party have not only allowed the racial demagoguery to continue, but have in fact participated in it (and intend to extend its rhetorical reach), should be a chilling reminder that — even in the most sophisticated societies, under the stewardship of the most enlightened laws — the controls we place on government are, in the end, merely words.  Once an anti-foundationalist ideological movement like the progressive left has decided it no longer has to abide by legal restraints should the context arise where they are “morally bound” to “resist”  laws — that is, once they declare that law is man-made and thus contingent and not binding in particular contexts of their choosing — there is nothing left but force and the will to power, which become the de facto ruling conditions of society (albeit, these will be disguised and qualified with propaganda attempts to hide their baser imulses under the rubric of “social justice” and “civil disobedience, ” etc.).

In a society truly governed by the rule of law, Congressmen and Justice Department officials would be calling for a respect of due process and reinforcing the integrity of states and local law enforcement.  Instead, we have members of Congress — and members of the media, like MSNBC race pimp and host Al Sharpton — essentially trying to lead a lynch mob based around public pressure, scapegoating, rank racialist politics, and the kind of bullying typical of identity politics reinforced by the social taboos long set in place by adepts of political correctness.

What we are witnessing is truly outrageous.  And it is disgusting. And it has been cheerily manufactured by those who presume to rule over us by promoting various forms of tribalism to keep as at each others’ throats.

The President’s re-election effort, despite compliant support from the media and the Federal Reserve, appears to be in  serious trouble. To most, the re-election is all he is interested in and he will stop at nothing in that pursuit. This situation is increasingly recognized by Democrats who see him as willing to sacrifice his own party to achieve his personal objectives. Look for more Democrats to decide the best way to protect their own careers is to distance themselves from this failed president.

It appears as though mob tactics may be the only viable strategy for this President. When one is unable to defend one’s record either theoretically or empirically, what else is left? You can try to buy votes by playing Santa Claus but the government is out of money and that would only anger the electorate more. In this position, you either recognize that you have failed or you resort to guerrilla politics. President Obama’s ego and arrogance does not allow the former, so brace yourself for a “scorched earth” election unlike anything seen in our lifetimes.

Protein Wisdom describes the point which the country has reached:

We either fight back or we don’t.  But the days of sitting quiet and hoping it all blows over are no longer a legitimate option.  Because that maneuver has led to a kind of tacit complicity, and we have, as a nation, reached the tipping point where, if we don’t push back now, we will find ourselves living in democratic despotism — without the recourse of a stable set of laws to save us from the will of a political consensus born of propaganda, misinformation, intellectual laziness, and the deconstruction of every last tenet of classical liberalism institutionalized at our founding and framing.

This election will likely be a preview of what it will be like to live in a Banana Republic with no Rule of Law.


29 thoughts on “Obama’s Inner Lenin Invoked in Desperate Re-Election Strategy”

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  3. Dear Fellow God fearing Christians let Us Please remember this one important FACT. We the people are the Boss of all of these CROOKED POLITITIANS and WE now more than evr NEED TO REMIND THEM OF THAT and there is one simple way to do that and here it is. They only derive the power they get from stealing money ( tax’s ) from us! You know “WE THE PEOPLE” Well guess what there are a lot more of us than there are of them so we do have the power to stop them DEAD in their tracks. THE Declaration Of INDEPENDENCE actually states and I quote “Governments are institutedamong Men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed (That’s US) , that whenever ANY form or government becomes destructive of thses Ends, then it is the RIGHT and Duty of The Governed ( That’s Us Again) to alter or ABOLISH it, And To Institute A NEW GOVERNMENT, laying it’s Foundation on such Principles, and organizing it’s Powers in such a Form, as to them shall seem most likely to EFFECT THEIR SAFETY and HAPPINES” Now with that said MY DEAR PEOPLE let US recoganize the WE THE PEOPLE do have the POWER and NOT THEM. So think seriously about this! If they get their power from MONEY which they STEAL FROM US then all we have to do is STOP GIVING IT TO THEM. REMEMBER they can’y put US ALL IN JAIL NOW CAN THEY. After this is done then WE need to do just what OUR FOREFATHERS wrote into The Declaration Of INDEPENDENCE and START OVER with A NEW GOVERNMENT that actually does SERVE THE PEOPLE like it is supposed to! We need to put hese ARROGANT BASTARDS who have taken control of this CORRUPT government which is now in place and the way we do do it is to cut off theeir money source! I do not know why we have tucked our tails between our legs and have become so afrid of these crooks as to just stand by and let them get away with their wicked ways is abosulutely beyond my belief. We are Certainly not a Nation Of Cowards but as along as we keep acting like cowards then the bullies will keep getting their way! These arrogant Bastard ARE CERTAINLY NOT REPRESENTING US! THEY ARE ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR OWN ASS’S AND POLITICAL CARREERS. SO WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES JUST AS OUR FOREFATHERS INTENDED AND START OVER AND TAKE OUR GOD GIVEN COUNTRY BACK AND WE NEED TO DO IT NOW. ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL AND CORRUPTION TO EXIST IS FOR GOOD MEN TO SIT BY BY AND DO NOTHING! NOW IS THIS WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO OR ARE YOU GOING TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND STAND UP FOR YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! WE DID NOT BECOME A FREE NATION BY NOT FIGHTING FOR IT! MANY OF US HAVE DIED FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM OAND TO JUST SIT BY AND LET THESE CHICAGO, NAZI, COMMUNIST THUGS IN THIS GOVERNMENT TAKE THIS FROM US IS A GRAVE SIN! IF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE VOTE FOR THIS OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AGAIN WE ARE CERTAINLY DOOMED SO GET OUT AND VOTE THESES CROOKS OUT OF OFFICE AND ALSO ANY OTHER POLITIANS THAT DON’T SERVE WE THE PEOPLE! WE ARE THE BOSS! WE DO HAVE THE POWER AND WE WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND GET THE JOB DONE! DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THESE EVILDOERS! MANY MANY TIME JESUS TELLS US TO NOT BE AFRAID! KNOW THE TRUTH AND IT WILL SET YOU FREE! PULL THE PLUG ON THEIR FINANCES PEOPLE AND YOU WLL TAKE THE AIR OUT OF THE BALOON THEN WE CAN START OVER LIKE WE NEED TO DO! THAT IS THE BEST FIX FOR ALL OF US! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL AND GUIDE US ACCORDING TO HIS WILL TO OUR DESTINATION! I AM FIRMLY CONVINCED THAT HE WILL BECAUSE HE IS MORE POWERFULL THAN ANY EVIL THAT ATTACKS US! ALWAY HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE!

    1. How do you propose that we DEfund the government — by pulling the plugs on their finances? Most people have their checks direct-deposited. That means you cannot stop the flow of tax paying unless you elect to cash your check at the bank. However, since the banks are now owned by the government……say you stop the direct-deposit. You still have to ‘cash’ your check. Do you think your name won’t be listed and your check seized once you go to cash it? Offer some advise as to how we DEfund the gov. I’m all ears. As for your mention of Jesus and following his Will, and His being more powerful than all these horrible crooks, well AMEN to that, brother! I can’t agree more. I believe HE may be our ONLY answer to resolving this mess — and removing these thugs.

    2. I agree with your comments, but this is not the 1700s. What we would get is Martial Law and a dictatorship. Exactly what Obama and his cohorts want!

      The problem is not Obama, but WHO is pulling the strings that “put” him in office in the first place. What is “really” going on is more than most of us can fathom.

      WHY haven’t the Republicans done anything to stop him? When there is absolute proof that his so-called birth certificate is a forgery, WHY is Congress and the media letting this slide. How can anyone in their right mind think that FORCING people to buy government health insurance is Constitutional? HOW can people be so blind to the truth? Do you have answers?

      My opinion is that God is allowing this to happen to bring about Revelations and the return of Jesus. Our one consultation is that Satan’s rule over the world will only be for a short time. This time of trials will separate the wheat from the chaff. Many will join and get the Mark of the Beast just to survive. Millions will die as martyrs because they refuse to join. I believe this because the Bible tells me this will happen.

      What do you believe?

  4. Distinguishedandwise

    Obama has to go by any means necessary. He needs to be tried convicted and hung from the highest tree..

  5. Keep the conversation he had with the Russian when he was unaware that the mikes were still open. God only knows how many other promises has made which mikes did not pick up. He is selling out this country. If he is re-elected the Republic of the Founding Fathers and recognition of the millions who died for this country will disappear forever.

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  7. What if he is not re-elected and refuses to step down? He may
    have his “army” circle the White House to protect him. What will
    OUR amed forces do? What will Congress do?

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  10. The best analysis of the current administration as of yet – thank you!

    Overreach, overload and overkill sums up the current siuation; we are in dangerous waters. Several months ago I thought to myself that he will create race riots and, burn this country down into the ground, should his re-election be threatened.

    This is one connving and, evil liar. He’s becomes deranged day after day and, hopefully voters will get the true face and, character of this man during this election cycle – he’ll slip up and, his mask comes down. One can conceil ‘rage’ only for so long before imploding for everyone to see!

  11. It seems that people outside usa have begun to wake up!those left ! And are also hoping for obama to go away!soon!

    He is no asses even to his own left thinkers in soviets

    They only use him

    Its shameful but its importnat that america gets back on track

    The rest of the world who thinks anti obam is so idiotic that many can begin to see clrealy that if usa fails its not a joke! Globally all systems will fal
    And that’s at last becoming clear to people watching with angst

  12. Please stop inserting photos of Obama in your articles. The sight of him (or even just hearing him speak) makes me sick and angry.

    1. That’s exactly the way I feel. I cannot stand to look at this creature nor hear his oily lying voice.

      1. I thought I was the only one who felt nauseous looking at him…the other thing that turns my stomach is when EVERYONE refers to him as “PRESIDENT OBAMA”, even in venues that should know better. I remember well that the leftists always called President Reagan “Mr. Reagan” even though he was a duly elected AMERICAN president, not a lying illegal alien fraud.

    2. Yes, I agree. Evidently he makes most of us ill when we see his angry face. I know others who feel the same way.

  13. The election will be the point of no return. If Obama wins he will triple down on the progressive policies and we will be lost. If Obama loses this could be the start of the new revolution. It could make the riots that occurred after the Rodney King police aquittal look tame by comparison. The laws and executive orders are in place to give the big G government the power to crush the citizens of the USA.

  14. By the way, watch the “Hunger Games”. That is the end result of liberalism and Obamugabe’s agenda.

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  16. We always like to think that the point of no return is still ahead. Consider the possibility that we reached that point when BHO was elected in 2008. Can a country that would elect such a leader be salvaged? Didn’t we know about his associations with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Resko and others. He told us that under his plan “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket”, yet he was elected. In fact, BHO has always been clear about his intentions. We are getting what we deserve as a country. I hope he loses in 2012, but it won’t be a slam dunk, and it won’t be easy to keep this country from going bankrupt even if BHO loses. Also, will his supporters get violent if BHO loses? What a mess we have gotten ourselves into by discarding ethics and personal responsibility.

    1. Hell, just wait until it comes out that he’s Consitutionally ineligible for office. Copies of his brith certificate from KENYAN are already on the net. This issue isn’t going away. He has released two fraudulent documents and has a scoial security number issued in 1977 from CT to someone who has since died, a federal offense in and of itself.

      No nation has EVER reached a debt to GDP ratio of 100+% and recovered. We passed 103% months ago. So you are correct. The economy is already been dealt its death blow, it just hasn’t fully exsanguinated yet.

    2. You say we are getting what we deserve by having elected him in the first place. I beg to differ sir. I don’t think he was officially (legally) elected to begin with. He was ‘chosen’ (remember the mailman who remembers meeting a “young Obama”, and Obama saying to the mailman, “I’m going to be president”, as he stood in Bill Ayers’ house?), his education was hidden and now sealed, he somehow mysteriously becomes an Illinois Senator (when they all knew he was Kenyan-born at the time, by the way — such even made the newspapers), then somehow ‘won’ the election — even though Hillary had the popular vote. Really??? So you still think we elected this man. No, No, NO! We did NOT elect him. He was ‘placed’ there — shoved down our throats whether we liked him — OR NOT!

      1. I’m with you, Sandy. Obama was “put” in office by all the fraud in the 2008 election. Even McCain knew about the fraud and did nothing about it! Why do people think that this election will be any different?

  17. Hi Monty. Most of the time I have every confidence that Obama will be voted out of office, but then there are times when the feeling in the pit of my stomach sets in. I hope Romney can mount a good campaign. If he goes the nice guy route like McCain, then that would be as about as bad as it can get. If he uses a scorched earth campaign like he has done against his GOP rivals, then maybe we can sit back and smile.

    We see the forces aligned against us. The media is doing all it can, hiding every damaging fact about Obama that it can, digging up all the dirt that it can against the republicans. Whatever happened to the bimbos who made their claims about Cain? I would have thought they would have at least made the talk show circuits.

    Regardless if Obama after all that he has done enjoys popularity in the 40-50 percent range, what does that tell us about future elections and the future of our country? The demographic trends are not in our favor. I remember back in 2000 telling my friends that a republican would never get elected president beginning with the 2012 election. I think I was wrong (I hope) but that day is coming and soon.

    1. Doug,

      Obamugabe has no chance in hell of being re-elected. None. Now, he may STEAL the election as I am sure ACORN has been stuffing ballot baoxes for three years now, but he will not win.


      1) His base is de-moralized. Poll after poll shows this
      2) Conservatives understand that, as this article points out, this is the most important election in US history. People are FEARFUL of what will happen to thos country and their kids’ future if this NAzi gets back in office without need to play nice for re-election purposes. Conservatives will be out in numbers the likes of which will have never been seen. The “not Obamaugabe” vote is going to be a tsunami
      3) Modearates fear him and can see the economic ruin, the racial divisiveness, the increased dependency on foreign oil and the decreased security. Again, poll numbers show about 70-75% of moderates voting “not Obama” and that number continues to increase
      4) Nothing is going to imprive, but in fact, things are going to get much much worse. Gas will hit $6 gallon this summer. Monday we will officially have the highest corporate taxes on the planet. Best Buy is hsutting down 50 stores. His full frontal assault on prosprity is not going to change and no economic will get better
      5) His disapproval numbers have been at record levels

      No, outsie of the built in 10% advantage from out right voter fraud, he can’t win. All he has are the black and union votes as well as the prison pop’l. (sound like a cross section of America?) Just beware of his October surprise or possible Reichstag moment when he may try to declare martial law and indefinitely suspend elections.

      1. He has no chance of being re-elected? I appreciate your optimism, but I wouldn’t bet the farm….especially this early in the race.

    2. Romney? Really? He’s just another big government war monger; very little difference between him, Gingrich, Santorum, and ovomit. The only real choice is Ron Paul because he KNOWS what the Constitution is and what it says and has been living it all his life. NONE of the creatures that have occupied the WH for decades can say that as well as NONE of the present hopefuls.

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