Stossel on Job Destruction

Recently I posted on how government cannot create jobs. As a follow-on to this line of thinking, John Stossel’s column reinforces this conclusion although he takes a somewhat different perspective. He states:

Politicians say they “create jobs.” In fact, only the private sector generates the information needed to create real, productive jobs.

Since this current post-recession job recovery is the slowest in 80 years, you’d think that even know-it-all politicians would want to sweep away the labyrinth of government regulations that hinders job creation. Successful job creators like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Staples founder Tom Stemberg tell me there are so many new rules and taxes today that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to create the thousands of jobs they once made.

The feds now have 160,000 pages of rules. Does anyone read all that? I doubt it. (Members of Congress don’t read the bills they vote on.) Do the rules make life safer? No. A few new rules are useful, but most are not. Their sheer volume makes us less safe and less free.

To see some of the nonsense that government does to prevent job creation, read the rest of Mr. Stossel’s column.

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