Doing The Right Thing and Not Getting Rewarded

I get many private emails where people express their feelings about what is going on. These emails are sometimes bitter in terms of expressing what people believe is unfair about our country.

This recent one struck me not because of bitterness but the frustration of “doing the right thing” all your life only to learn that it is no longer the way the game is played, or at least won. I shall only identify the writer as Writer C:


I am one of millions who have lived their life as we were taught to be right
by caring parents.

College to get that better job, dedication and sacrifice to career, countless
nights away from home and the wife.

The pay-off a deferred pension woefully under funded and uncertainly about how
many pennies I’ll get on the dollar when I am eligible to draw.

I thought I was smart dumping money check after check into the 401k, I now
realize it is in casino named wall street. You either gamble or get 1%
interest in that in a so called safe investment plan.

Forced to pay into Social Security throughout my career, We now know that that
be a giant ponzi scheme, broke in many ways. Will I ever see a dime?

Living a frugal life, I still remember the look on visitors faces as they
entered the modest but paid for home my wife and I lived in for years.

Semi-retired to a new home and life, but still frugal lifestyle, neighbors
chuckle at my 14 hour work days trying to make a couple small businesses work.

After meeting with the CPA for taxes last week and see the regulations coming
our way I really wonder why bother trying to make these dream businesses work.

The same day I met with the insurance agent, more restrictions less coverage,
is it worth it?

I watch the neighbors happily drawing a disability retirement and living an
active lifestyle off the winnings from a frivolous lawsuit.. Oh the wife
noticed they have left for another vacation.

Stood in line at the grocery the other morning, bought the toilet paper on
sale, the wife hates the cheap stuff, but hey, its toilet paper. Standing in
line in front of me a nice dressed mid-twenty gal and her young daughter are
charging two bags of junk food to their food stamp card. 24 oz’s of grease and
corn meal and seasoning, I wanted to point to the pasta on sale at 88 cents a
pound and sauce for 99 cents, yup that, $7 tax dollars of someone elses money
that bought your junk food could have bought several meals worth of pasta.

The congressman from our area was on the news, his no tax pledge he made 14
years ago to win his way to congress isn’t like a marriage vow, we need more
tax dollars he says..

I watch as the ignorant say more business taxes, don’t they realize there
isn’t a huge pot of money just for taxes?? Taxes are another line in the
business expense column. Products of an education system that doesn’t require
any type of economic or business classes.

The smartest man ever to occupy the White house is taking this country on a
fast track to bankruptcy, increasing business costs with taxes,regulations
green energy pipedreams.

The same individual either through himself or his proxies fans the flame of
envy at ever opportunity. Someone else has something you should have, no
regards to how they earned it..petty third grade jealousy.

I could go on and on but the rain has stopped and my 14 hour work day is still
ahead of me.

How many others out there feel this way? If there are many, we are beginning to see the early stages of Atlas Shrugging.

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  1. He’s got a head start on most on how to live frugally. He who is first will be last and he who is last will be first. Read that in an important book. Other comforting things in that same book.

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