Politics Controls the Speed at Which We Go Over The Cliff

For what it is worth, Dick Morris is forecasting a Republican landslide in the Senate:

If the Republicans win these all – as I think they well might – they would end up with control of the Senate by 57-43, assuming they hold onto seats in Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine.

A landslide!

Even if Mr. Morris were correct, does it mean anything? I suppose it is better than the alternative, but it is no solution to the nation’s problems.

The political class, regardless of party affiliation, is unable/unwilling to solve the problems they created. The expectations and dependencies among the citizenship are now so strong that it would be a form of political suicide for anyone who attempted to remedy them.

Should Morris’ outcome occur, only the speed at which we go over the cliff would be affected. Unfortunately it is the fall that kills, not the speed at which we leave terra firma. Despite lawmakers’ inflated egos, they still cannot repeal the laws of gravity.

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  1. I don’t put much stock in Mr. Morris’ analysis of anything but you, Monty are 100% correct as the position of the auto in this article’s pic shows. Our nation is already over the edge and no intervention can do more than delay or at best mitigate the severity of the ultimate impact. Whichever party is in the majority during the next few years is bound to receive the blame for the result of our decades of governmental lies, deceit and empty promises. Mrs. Dope-From-Hope will have to bring home her big red “reset” button ’cause we’re gonna need it.

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