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Your Stimulus at Work, But Not For You

One of my favorite reads is Doug Ross. He generally has several interesting posts a day, especially if you consider his Lawyn’s Links where he provides a collection of articles from other sites.

This article from Mr. Ross deals with the political corruption that the Obama Administration represents. It is a technique allegedly started by Franklin D. Roosevelt and used by Democrats (and undoubtedly Republicans) ever since. In politics, winning has supplanted integrity and honor.


Shock: Stimulus dollars disproportionately sent to states controlled by… Democrats

And all this time, I’d believed that an inexperienced, unqualified community organizer — controlled by the Chicago Democrat Machine — would have been above reproach. My mistake.

According to a new report on President Obama’s stimulus package and its effect on the economy, the amount of stimulus money that went to each state was correlated with the number of Democrats in each state’s congressional delegation…

…[The study] also examines rates of unemployment, poverty, foreclosures and bankruptcies in the various states in late 2008 and early 2009. In all four cases, more grievous economic conditions were negatively correlated with the allocation of stimulus dollars. States with higher unemployment rates, for instance, tended to receive less stimulus money per capita.

The authors draw a damning conclusion: “It’s not the poor, it’s not foreclosures, it’s not bankruptcies, it’s how many Democrats are in your congressional delegation… That’s what a trillion dollars of spending was all about: crony corruption.”

[Others have also] documented the seemingly political use of taxpayer money by the Obama administration, most recently showing spikes in the awarding of federal grant money while Congress was considering major pieces of the president’s agenda.

If you liked him in Solyndra, Sun Power, Nevada Geothermal Power, SolarReserve, et. al., you’ll love Obama’s crooked Stimulus deals!

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