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5 Places Not To Be When Dollar Collapses

In effect, there is nothing inherently wrong with fiat money, provided we get perfect authority and god-like intelligence for kings. Aristotle

Sadly, perfect authority and god-like intelligence are not possible. This well-done video has lots packed into it and explains what happens when Aristotle’s requisites do not prevail. It provides thoughts regarding the outcomes of a dollar collapses.

The end of our current system of fiat money was inevitable from its beginning. Its end was controlled by the laws of  mathematics, greatly assisted by the political class and its cronies. Are we about to have the event discussed in this video? We will have it, only the timing is unknown.

We have moved way up the “hockey stick,” meaning the ramifications of exponential growth are overtaking us. Beyond that, it is difficult to determine whether the event occurs today, tomorrow or decades from now. My guess is that we don’t have decades and have less than a decade. But no one can predict or control when this event occurs.


2 thoughts on “5 Places Not To Be When Dollar Collapses”

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  2. Looks like I’m first to call BS on the source of this video. I win. Smells like 911 truther. I like doom gloom stuff; I smell/feel stupid from the source.

    Putin, OWS, Rense, other left-tards? Oh my?

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