March, 2012

Who Is Obama?

President Obama is an unknown to the people of this country despite being in office for over three years. Little was known before the election and little has been added since. He is a man unlike any other to hold the highest office in the land. His concept of America differs from most of us and is diametrically different from [...]

The Media

From The Looking Spoon

Obama’s Inner Lenin Invoked in Desperate Re-Election Strategy

It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master. Ayn Rand Perhaps the forces that now menace freedom are too strong to be resisted for very long. [...]

A History Quiz

Think long and carefully before you answer this one. H/T The Looking Spoon

Willie Sutton, Banks and Government

Big banks continue to plague the country. This is not a new issue. Reports from the Reagan Administration have then Secretary of the Treasury George Schultz being advised that some company was in trouble and was “too big to fail.” His response was: “make them smaller!” Schultz’s response was correct then and more so today. Unfortunately it went unheeded as these [...]

Stossel on Job Destruction

Recently I posted on how government cannot create jobs. As a follow-on to this line of thinking, John Stossel’s column reinforces this conclusion although he takes a somewhat different perspective. He states: Politicians say they “create jobs.” In fact, only the private sector generates the information needed to create real, productive jobs. Since this current post-recession job recovery is the [...]

Debating The Dollar Versus Gold

Bernanke’s attack on gold has been criticized by Mike Shedlock (Mish) and praised by Joe Wiesenthal of Business Insider. Here the two square off in an interview/debate:

Our Empty-Suit in The Oval Office

The following conveys the thoughts of millions of Americans. Given the number of people who believe it, how frustrating must it be to understand the possibility (likelihood?) that Obama may be re-elected? From Courage in America: After the first three plus years of the presidency, it is painfully clear that Barack Obama was a “pretty face,” and “glib speaker” and [...]

We Have Met The Enemy and It is Us

Thoughts conveyed via email. Original author unknown: After reading the headlines today about the US soldier who shot up Afghanistan civilians, I couldn’t help noticing an irony. There is all this clamor to try this guy quickly and execute him, never mind his having suffered a traumatic brain injury. Yet this Major Hasan, who shot up Fort Hood while screaming [...]

Quantitative Easing 101

A non-technical but accurate explanation of Quantitative Easing is presented below. It is important that you understand this subject thoroughly because it represents the future around the world. This very short video is the best explanation available. Understanding it may save you a lot of wealth and grief.

Jobs Created are Seen; Jobs Destroyed are Unseen

The utter nonsense about jobs created via government spending is never examined by the media. Whatever government tells the State Media, they willingly print and sometimes even elaborate on. Even when the news is not good, you would never guess it if all you did was read the headlines. Some comments are in order regarding jobs in general. Most government [...]