As I recall, I began getting mailings from AARP when I turned 50. These were promotional, encouraging me to join their organization. I never did as I considered their approach a bit exploitative of seniors. I shopped a few of their so-called products and services and found that I could do just as well or better on my own.

I know people who are satisfied with their dealings with AARP over the years, however I have never regretted steering clear of them. Their recent support of ObamaCare was, in my opinion, despicable.

For those looking for an alternative, I have received favorable reports on a new competitor. Several of my friends have left AARP to join AMAC and claim satisfaction. I have no personal experience with either organization so am not recommending one over the other, or either for that matter.

If you are interested in such an organization, you can learn more about AMAC here:

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