Our American Idol President

In one sense the phenomenon that is Barack Obama is difficult to understand. This still mysterious figure (see this article likening him to Bagger Vance) emerged from nowhere to capture the imagination and votes of millions of Americans. There is nothing in his background, save claimed prestigious degrees, to suggest that he is qualified for anything. Even the degrees are tarnished to the extent that they and whatever it took to achieve them was made to disappear. We don’t have transcripts or even any idea how these expensive colleges were paid for.

To the extent there was a working career, it was dismal. No accomplishments whatsoever in an adjunct position at the University of Chicago Law School. Then a “career” as a community organizer. Just what is a professional community organizer? What kind of ability is necessary? As a description, it ranks right up there with “activist.” Just what does that mean and what training is required to be an activist or community organizer? Are the Reverend Al and the Reverend Jesse accredited activists. Who provides the accreditation or validation for these “occupations?”

There is nothing in Obama’s background other than a Hollywood-type story, mostly manufactured by the man himself, to suggest he is any different from tens of thousands of other citizens. Indeed, there are questions regarding his inclusion into the class “citizen,” or at least citizen in the sense that he meets the requirements for the presidency as defined in the Constitution of the United States of America. Despite all his supposed education which has been scrupulously hidden (buried), there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Obama was qualified for this position or any other of responsibility.

Spengler described President Obama as well as anyone:

The definitive celebrity who is famous for being famous, of course, is Barack Obama, the one-term senator from Illinois without a single accomplishment to his name — not an article in a law review, not a piece of legislation — who levered himself into the presidency.

With credentials like these, what could go wrong? Why should it be surprising that economic matters have gotten worse not better? Why should it be surprising that the international situation has deteriorated to where the risk of another world war has probably never been higher since the Cuban missile stand-off?

Apparently the credentials for winning American Idol do not translate very well to handling the job of the President of the United States.

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  1. Excellent response from Doug.
    Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying…….after exausting every other possiblity, the American people will end up doing the right thing. With Obama, I am not so sure.

  2. I maintain a sense of sanity by not considering Obama as a legitimate president. Of course, one might ask, what is in this day and age. Like you said though, a potential president should have at least some accomplishments.

    Obama is basically clueless, a pure marxist/liberal ideologue, but one lacking the intellect to implement the ideology. After all, how do you make something work that can’t work? He surrounded himself with like minded radicals with the hopes that they would make his visions work. Word has it that Valerie Jarrett is the Whitehouse mastermind and its in her incapable hands that the fate of our nation rests.

    Coming from the small stage of Chicago to the big time I’m sure they had their hopes up and fully intended to transform America. It was the liberals perfect storm, control of everything. Now we see the results, they have defunctionized America. Their plan for reelection is to demonize republicans, blame their failures on them. It might work since the typical voter is so dumbed down but hopefully events will unfold that will doom Obama and hopefully the democrat party for years to come.

    The only thing I respect about liberals is their ruthlessness. I do believe that the ends justify the means, just as they do. If the economy crashes and liberal energy policy impoverishes America, I don’t care if it dooms these fools.

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