February, 2012

Case Shiller Throws a Wet Blanket on Housing Recovery Hoopla

Tyler Durden provides his commentary on Case Shiller’s home price index. Their report was not pretty and runs counter to all the mainstream media foo foo dust about a housing recovery. Take a look at the charts below to see what the “recovery” looks like. No Housing Recovery – Case Shiller Shows 8th Consecutive Month Of House Price Declines Little [...]

No Longer Whether But How The Eurozone Ends

It is no longer a question of whether the Eurozone breaks up, but how. John Mauldin comments on the breakup: It’s one thing to say that peripheral eurozone countries are better off leaving the euro, but how, exactly? And how severe can we expect the consequences to be, not only for those nations but also for the entire eurozone – [...]

Inconvenient Analysis by Charles Biderman

Charles Biderman provides his usual insights on what is happening in the economy as opposed to what government, media and CNBC touts wants you to believe. Subsequent to Biderman’s commentary was yesterday’s disappointing Durable Goods report:  Durable Goods Big Miss -4%, Expected -1%, Biggest Sequential Drop Since January 2009

The Destruction of The US Economy is Assured

The slide toward sovereign bankruptcy and economic collapse continues. The best efforts of politicians and their sycophants in the media to convince you otherwise are being contradicted routinely by the the harsh facts of the marketplace. Their propaganda appears increasingly incredible. The private economy has shown virtually no improvement despite stimuli in magnitudes never before imagined. After trillions of dollars [...]


As I recall, I began getting mailings from AARP when I turned 50. These were promotional, encouraging me to join their organization. I never did as I considered their approach a bit exploitative of seniors. I shopped a few of their so-called products and services and found that I could do just as well or better on my own. I know people [...]

Inflation — The Final Blow

The developed economies of the world have opened the money spigots, hardly the policy response one would expect if there were truly signs of an economic recovery underway. The massive money and credit creation is sitting in the banking system like dry tinder just waiting for a spark to set it ablaze. How quickly it happens is anyone’s guess, but [...]

The US Nears End-Stage Kremlinism

Economic conditions continue to deteriorate while the political class and its cronies struggle to maintain the fable of an economic recovery. There is no recovery underway, nor can there be one before a complete and total economic collapse. Our political environment is akin to a drug addict who is unwilling to accept the pain associated with a cure for his [...]

Wyoming Begins Preparation For Doomsday Scenarios

It seems that Wyoming is convinced or afraid enough of what lies ahead that they are publicly announcing a rather dramatic undertaking: State representatives on Friday advanced legislation to launch a study into what Wyoming should do in the event of a complete economic or political collapse in the United States. House Bill 85 passed on first reading by a [...]

Upper-End Home Prices to Halve?

Bob Chapman is pessimistic regarding the high-end home market: Banks have let high-end owners in default live in homes free for up to three years for technical reasons and to hide inventory. These figures are available to everyone, but we hear just the opposite on financial channels. Like everyone else in business there is little validity in his or her [...]

Chevy Volt — Latest Central Planning Success

The Chevy Volt as explained in an email. I assume the numbers are correct: Add the Volt to a long list of failures of businesses run, operated or influenced by the federal government—–AMTRAC, US Post Office, at least 6 green energy companies, including the 500 billion Solyndra failure, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, etc, etc, etc. In addition to the wonderful advantages [...]


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