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The Corrupt State

Slowly and incessantly, recognition regarding the true nature of government is seeping into the consciousness of the public. The internet is certainly an important factor in this change in beliefs, as is the economic devastation that has plagued the nation.

Whether this recognition is coming quickly enough to offset the totalitarian trends is moot. The recognition is beginning after government has taken control of much of the economy and society. As a betting man, I believe the move toward totalitarianism will continue — for awhile. Longer term, probably defined in decades rather than years, the American people will become aroused enough to take back their country and individualism. Freedom is a part of our genetic make-up. When it is apparent to enough people what is happening, Atlas will shrug, or punch back.

The State has a massive propaganda campaign and always had. The ruling elite and their cronies benefit greatly from the current dominance of government. These include elected politicians, lobbyists, the bureaucracy, big business, big labor, welfare recipients and the press among others. All have incentives to support bigger government at the expense of free markets. All have monetary benefits and protective barriers that would not exist in free markets.

Free markets and individualism are threats to these groups. It is not accidental that ventures like Solyndra and other flights of fancy cannot be financed in a marketplace. These ideas were hare-brained schemes to begin with. That is also true of the Chevy Volt and so many other crony capitalist ideas. Someday, I hope, history will record the Edsel as a bigger success than the Volt.

Elitists “know’ they are smarter than the rest of us. Yet people with common sense reject most of their ideas. Massive government is necessary to coerce others to behave according to their wisdom. Force is the only reason we get the wild schemes that become, at best, expensive and, at worst, tragic in terms of the pain imposed on citizens. Few of these schemes would stand a chance in the marketplaces of ideas, free choice or true markets.

Crony capitalism loves big government. Quid pro quos between Congress and business produce near monopoly returns for both sides. Furthermore, restrictive laws are useful to prevent competition. Bailouts enable companies and banks to take risks they otherwise would not engage in.

The State is now rotten to the core. It is the reason why the standard of living has been declining for decades. It is a parasite that has crippled the golden goose and will completely destroy it if not stopped.


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  2. hand over your money

    The New Game on Wall Street with “Ranting Andy” Hoffman

    starts @17 minutes…

    Andy says Wall Street is no longer in the business of destroying retailers. Ever since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, they’ve been in the business of destroying countries and taking power. Andy talks about Goldman-Sachs infiltration into political positions in other countries, and the infiltration into municipalities by other big Wall Street thugs, such as JP Morgan.

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