November, 2011

What’s Your Trading Horizon?

H/T to Zerohedge for this chart showing what happened after the last global coordinated intervention:

Government is A Myth and The Problem

Europe is a problem; it is just not THE problem. Do not believe the “happy news” that periodically is discharged from the Eurocrats. For the Eurozone there is no survival in its current configuration. Until the utter embarrassment of defending this myth becomes overwhelming, the Eurocrats will continue to claim there is a solution. Admitting otherwise is to admit the [...]

The Truth About Corporate Balance Sheets

One of the memes of the Wall Street touts is the strength of US company balance sheets. “They have never been stronger” is the line heard over and over again by those wanting you to believe that the economy is recovering and the stock market is undervalued. Not surprising, most of this talk is all hype. John Hussman explodes the [...]

Corrupt Government

It is apparent by now to even the dullest of citizens that government is as corrupt as Albert J. Nock stated: Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class. For those too dull to believe or [...]

Debacles Take Time

Some commentary via Zerohedge from Bill Buckler dealing with the coming debacle. The last paragraph pertaining to “cash is king” is especially pertinent. As usual, “The Privateer” author Bill Buckler does a great job at summarizing a complicated, and quite terminal, situation in a few short sentences. Today is one of those occasions. The Four Harbingers Of The Apocalypse: There [...]

Leviathan Produces More Harmful Legislation

The following article is a good follow up to When Government Becomes A Predator which appeared here and on American Thinker. Mr. Dunn collaborated with me on that article, although was unwilling to add his name to the piece for fear of government reprisal. Now he has added his own follow-up which shows more destructive government legislation.   FATCA: A Ticking Time Bomb for [...]

Ode To The Welfare State

The troubles of our time strike us as new and unique. They are not. Interestingly the problem of Socialism or its early precursors are as old as mankind. This siren song is always playing in the background, trying to catch the ear of the naive or power-hungry. Here is a small example from over 60 years ago that appeared in [...]

Sound vs. Unsound Money

The following is a video by Edward Vieira on Money and the Federal Reserve. It is long and a bit slow developing, but worth watching, especially once he warms up.

Salvation of the World’s Economic Problems Itself Going Bankrupt?

Of all the worries we have, China is supposed to be the possible bailout savior for Europe, the continuing supporter of US deficit spending and the growth engine for the world during these difficult times. Not so, according to Matthew Robertson: China’s economy has a reputation for being strong and prosperous, but according to a well-known Chinese television personality the country’s [...]

17 Quotes on the Global Financial Collapse

It is easy to be branded a Cassandra when one has nothing but negative forecasts. So be it, it is what I see and believe. Both as a defensive measure and as an offensive one in this battle having support helps. It is more palatable to be wrong in a distinguished crowd than as a lone nut. Here is a [...]

Is The End Unavoidable?

It is difficult to determine the future of a nation. Matters move glacially, but rarely change direction. President Reagan was an anomaly in this respect. For a brief moment in time it appeared the glacier was halted, perhaps even reversed. Sadly, that was not the case. At best classical liberalism (what most confuse with conservatism) regained some intellectual respectability but [...]