October, 2011

A Cornered, Wounded Animal ….

This excerpt from Simon Black describes the behavior to expect from bankrupt, desperate governments: Stefan Homburg, one of Germany’s few contrarian economists, recently summed this up to the German paper Sueddeutsche: “History shows that [bankrupt governments] take radical measures such as expropriation of private assets, wealth taxes, or banning gold ownership… and in a state of emergency, basic rights are suspended.”  

Slouching Toward The 1930s

The current economic crisis rivals the one of the 1930s. Despite shameless propaganda by government and its cronies in the media, people understand that the situation is getting worse. Consumer confidence continues to decline as does confidence in the future. We are headed for an event that history will record as worse than The Great Depression. It is unavoidable. The Level [...]

The Education Zoo

As someone who has spent a great deal of time in higher education both as a student and a professor, I heartily agree with Bill Bonner’s recent piece Misguided by Higher Education. It should be read by all with children nearing college age as well as recent college graduates, especially some of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Regarding the latter, [...]

Maloney Presentation on Investing

A long (90 minute) presentation on gold, silver, the stock market and inflation. A simple explanation that should help people understand what is happening with respect to asset cycles and money. Mike Maloney provides an excellent presentation. It is up to you to determine whether he is right or not. Hat Tip to Plan B Economics

QOTW by Larry Summers

Government is the gift that just keeps on taking and taking and taking. There is no rationale behind their actions other than they always have more ways to spend money than the money they have. Now we glean insight into one of the so-called geniuses of government policy, Lawrence Summers, former Treasury Secretary and (by some) noted economist. In one [...]

The Proponents of Global Warming

A pretty reasonable summary of too many in the global warming mob: My suspicions have been deepened over the years by the climate movement’s totalitarian approach to opposing views, their demonizing of successful opponents and their opposition to the publication of opposing views even in scientific journals. The rewards for proper environmental behaviour are uncertain, unlike the grim scenarios for [...]


A very interesting ending to a college football game:

European Scam in One Paragraph

Michael Snyder has captured in one paragraph the scam that is being marketed as the “solution” to the Greek and European problem (my emphasis): Once the euphoria of the initial announcement faded and as people have begun to closely examine the details of the European debt deal, they have started to realize that this “debt deal” is really just a [...]

Peter Schiff and Occupy Wall Street

Peter Schiff has a “discussion” with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Whether you agree with Schiff or not, it is embarrassing to see some in the crowd make their arguments/points. The end result of our government schools is on display.

Back To Capitalism

John Rubino speculates on a world without Goldman Sachs and other TBTF financial institutions: If Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, Crédit Lyonnais and five or six of their peers ceased to exist tonight, what would happen? Would their absence change the number of factories, hospitals, farms, biotech research labs, oil wells, or gold mines? Would there be fewer [...]

Fall Color Around Asheville, NC

We live in a beautiful country. It is easy to forget that when politics can be so maddening. So I thought a shift in emphasis might be in order. Color this fall has been especially nice in Western North Carolina. Most of these photos are within ten miles of my home. Some were taken from our property. Hope you enjoy. [...]