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The stock market is down over 500 points in less than 24 hourse from yesterday’s Fed announcement. At the same time, I received this email from John Rolls with his usual interesting reads. Is this the beginning of the end? Or is it just another part of the process the grinds toward Depression?

Rolls Report: Articles Explaining Serious News00041067.gif

1. Peeling Onions – The Market Burns our Eyes

Doug Wakefield

2. The Fatal Flaws in the Eurozone and What They Mean for You

Charles Hugh Smith / Chris Martenson

3. Don Coxe’s Fascinating Take On Why The Time For The US To “LBO” The Gold Market Has Arrived

Tyler Durden


4. IMF to Bernanke: Thanks For Nothing, As Threat To International Monetary System Looms

Tyler Durden


5. Is The US Monetary System On The Verge Of Collapse?

David Galland of Casey Research


6. And Now, With The Market Collapse Into The Close

Karl Denninger

7. The European Bank Run Has Begun This Is What a Collapsing Global (Ponzi) Banking System Looks Like

David DeGraw

8. High Time To Repatriate Offshore Trillions For Taxation

Bob Chapman

9. A Repeat Of The Great Depression Is Our Best Case Scenario

Mac Slavo

10. More public money required for bankers as IMF warns of €200bn blackhole in European banking system

Jeremy Warner

11. Martin Armstrong: Socialism Collapse – Where To Invest?

Armstrong Economics

12. Preparing for a Greek Default

John Hussman Ph.D.


13. How Long Can Japan Play The Endgame?

14. How to Spot the Triggers of a Socioeconomic Collapse

Mac Slavo


15. Did the Mainstream Media Blackout Wall Street Protest?

Greg Hunter

16. The Federal Debt As Criminal Scam, The Federal Reserve As Criminal Syndicate

Charles Hugh Smith


17. Peter Schiff On Obamanomics: “There Are Not Enough Open Minds In The Capitol To Keep This Ship From Sinking”

18. Is A War With China Inevitable?

Dave Cohen

19. Economic Consequences Of Euro Land’s Flame-Out

Martin Sosnoff


20. Marx to Market

Peter Coy

21. Defaults and Downgrades Backpack Across Europe

By Dave Gonigam


22. Gerald Celente — Society Is Breaking Down

Dave Cohen

23. Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn’t create more jobs

By Erin Einhorn and Corky Siemaszko

24. China risks hard landing as global woes spread

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

25. Obama’s Predictable Scandals—The media can no longer shield Obama from scrutiny.

Victor Davis Hanson

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