Libertarianism on Parade

What libertarian said the following?

In the past “xxxx” needed liberty to live [better]; it must now have it in order to survive.… The challenge of our times is an overhaul of the system of values, the forging of new consciousness. We cannot build a new country with the old thinking.… The best investment [the state can make in man] is Liberty and the Rule of Law. And respect for man’s Dignity.

“xxxx” is the name of a country.

It certainly would seem that the person responsible for this quote has a greater knowledge and respect for liberty than President Barack Obama who appears to be doing everything he can to limit it and the Rule of Law.

The statement was made in February by the Institute of Contemporary Development., a liberal think tank chaired by President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia. It was made with regard to Russia, the “xxxx” in the statement.

Make of it what you wish, but you might want to read an interesting article on why Russia changed, from which this quote was obtained.

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