March, 2011

Federal Reserve Assets – Interactive Over Time

For those interested in monitoring the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet (you should be for it is a proxy for money creation), here is an interactive graph that tracks it over time. This graph is really useful to see how and when the Fed acted.

Inflation and Hyperinflation

Inflation is an expansion of the money supply which ultimately shows up in an increase in prices. The rise in prices is a symptom produced by the increase in the supply of money. To properly understand inflation and hyperinflation, it is necessary to understand Money, specifically the Supply of Money and the Demand for Money. The Federal Reserve controls the [...]


SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE has an interesting opinion piece on Revolutions. He points out that revolutions are the result of complex forces that build over time. Catalysts are not generally not causes: Revolutions are set off by dramatic events, yes — a stolen election in Iran in 2009, a self-immolation in Tunisia. But they also reflect longstanding economic depression, not to mention [...]

Depression Unavoidable

John Rubino was recently interviewed by Chris Martenson. Regular readers of this site know these two people are amongst my favorite analysts. One of the important opinions Mr. Rubino provided is the following: The sad truth is that there’s no fix for the mess we’ve created — at least nothing on the menu of politically feasible options. The vast majority [...]

A Recap of ObamaCare

Avik Roy has produced a superb summary of the first year of ObamaCare and projections for the second and subsequent years: Year One of the Obamacare Era A look back, and a look forward One year ago this week — March 23, 2010 — President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. Joe Biden called it [...]

Some Views on 2011

Jeff Clark presents the following people as “experts” regarding the economic future. They certainly are distinguished, well-known and have a following. Their views are worth knowing and made available by Mr. Clark: Jim Rogers is a self-made billionaire, author of the best-sellers Adventure Capitalist and  Investment Biker, and a sought-after financial commentator. He was a co-founder of the Quantum Fund, a successful [...]

Keynes or Bastiat

The Broken Window Fallacy, debunked by Frederic Bastiat over 150 years ago, still reigns supreme in Keynesian economics. Some might call it the keystone of this brand of political-economic chicanery. It is the height of economic nonsense, yet supposedly intelligent and educated people In a modern day twist, Jason Kaspar channels his inner Bastiat and provides Keynesian “solutions” to our [...]

Perspective on Public Unions and Employees

From reader JJC comes this observation on public unions and employees: The Right To Say No! Like Wisconsin, you will see significant protest as the money really begins to dry up.  That might take 2 years, it might take 10 years, but it will happen. What we are now experiencing is a rather disturbing fissure within our society: BIG GOV [...]

Obama By The Numbers

A reader, obviously not an Obama fan, sent this email. I have not checked the numbers, but they appear to be reasonable (although no date is available for “TODAY”). Not all of this can be blamed on Obama, despite the writer’s intent. The numbers do not reflect well on The One, regardless. Hows that change working out for ya? Two [...]

Destroy The Village to Save It

Charles Hugh Smith raises the interesting question: Is the Recovery “Self-Sustaining”? In this article he exposes the nonsense of stimulus — keep government growing! He provides a test whereby you can make your own judgment. If you did not understand what was happening and for whom, this article will enlighten you. Regardless of whether you know or are just finding [...]