Throw the Bums Out Doesn’t Work

More evidence that we have only one party in Washington. Its name is the SPEND and SPEND and SPEND Party.

What the hell is the matter with John Boehner, Eric Cantor and the rest of the House GOP leadership?

Our country is on the edge of a financial abyss. 

That’s not my opinion. That’s the official position of the Congressional Budget Office in 2009reiterating its warning in 2010, and repeating it last month.

Bill Gross, the world’s most powerful bond investor, recently shed all U.S. debt from his $1 trillion-plus portfolio. He warns that “there is no way out” of the Democrats’ debt trap and that American living standards are destined to plummet.

Gross further states that interest rates will almost certainly rise much faster and much higher than official government projections. The amount of federal spending to service that debt, then, will be unsustainably high: “…these [federal] projections, which show an explosion in the amount of money needed to service our debt, underestimate the problem, since any decrease in economic growth resulting from higher interest rates — or any other cause — is not accounted for. Bottom line: This could be really bad.”

The Medicare Trustees have repeatedly warned that their health care system is headed for “collapse“.

Social Security, according to the Office of the Chief Actuary, will become insolvent years ahead of schedule.

And while the existing entitlement programs are headed for certain catastrophe, Medicare’s Chief Actuaryissued his own official warning: “[Obamacare] won’t hold costs down, and it won’t let everybody keep their current health insurance if they like it.”

It, too, is on an unsustainable path.

Billionaire Carl Icahn just returned nearly $2 billion to investors, warning of a ‘renewed market dislocation’.

In other words, the support beams of the American financial system are splintering.

To the House leadership: what the hell is the matter with you? Afraid you won’t get invited to the best cocktail parties? That you’ll get snubbed by that idiot at Meet the Press? Who gives a flying crap!

The future of our children is at stake! Start fighting! The Left is destroying the foundation of this country — the Constitution — and it is destroying our currency. The full faith and credit of the American system hangs in the balanceand you’re whittling around the edges? What the hell!

$61 billion? When the budget deficit is $1.65 trillion? Cut a trillion! Refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless all of Obamacare is defunded! What do you have to lose? The entire system is headed for collapse! Is that reason enough?

Start fighting or we promise — we pledge — to devote the next 18 months to primarying your asses and defeating you.

Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor and the rest of the you old guard Republicans: as a presidential candidate once said, “Get in their faces!”

ChartGateway Pundit.


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  1. I think back to my excitement last November, everyone was talking a good game, Obama and the democrats were on the ropes, the tea-party was flying high. We handed the reigns of power back to the Republicans thinking that they had learned their lesson, that patriotism, knowledge and a firm desire to rescue the nation had returned to Washington. Instead we see the republican leadership essentially paralyzed. Its sad to see. In essence the republicans are validating all that Obama has done.

    The average dolt will say, “hmmm, if Obama wants to run a deficit of 1.600 trillion, and the republicans seem to not mind running a deficit of 1.539 trillion, there’s virtually no difference between the two competing camps”. The republicans had the chance of a lifetime to roll the dice, to get on every talk show possible to explain the dire straights we are in, to present a total contrast to the democrat’s socialism. It is crunch time, the time for bold strokes and action. Instead we see them as mice, nibbling on a piece of cheese in the corner. They disgust me, so I can only imagine what the brain dead, election winning “moderates” must think.

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