It’s Going to Get Worse

As we head toward the inevitable disaster that awaits the nation, all we can do is try to protect ourselves, our families and our assets.

Paul A. Rahe produced an interesting analysis of why we are where we are at and why recent actions have only served to make matters worse. In an article worth reading, he describes the uniqueness of our current situation compared with other economic cycles and concludes:

To date, everything that the Obama administration has done has served only to delay the arrival of our day of reckoning and deepen the fiscal crisis on the horizon. If the unemployment rate is not coming down, it is because employers see through the charade and are intent on not getting caught short when the entire structure comes tumbling down.

The next few years are going to be grim, and those in charge do not inspire confidence. Would you entrust your welfare to Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo, Pat Quinn, and Barack Obama? We have to hope, however, that these men wake up, swallow their preconceptions, and without delay move decisively in the direction of balancing the budgets of California, New York, Illinois, and the United States.

I myself very much doubt that they will do so. Unless these men – our President above all – demonstrate qualities that they have never before evidenced, we are in for a truly terrible ride. There is only one silver lining; and welcome though it might be in ordinary circumstances, it is hardly worth the cost. Politically, this means that Barack Obama is likely to be remembered for having done to the Democratic Party what Herbert Hoover did to the Republicans.

I fear that he is correct.

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  1. I for one hope for a depression. This will right the economic mess we are in and perhaps bring on conflicts around the world which will allow America to empty some of its stored arsenals and allow the renewal necessary.

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