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How Hyperinflation Occurs

Hyperinflation does not occur slowly. Nor is it preceded by a bell ringing or an article warning you in advance. Hyperinflation is like a tsunami. By the time you spot it, it is too late. You are already doomed.

All of the actions taken by our government in an attempt to ward off the necessary corrections in the economy enhance the probabilities of hyperinflation. These actions cannot work in terms of healing the underlying economic problems, but they surely can make things worse, even to the point of destroying the country.

The following film should be watched by all. The most unreasonable aspect of the film is probably the date because no one can possibly predict with accuracy precise timing.

What you are about to watch need not happen. It is not yet “written” although it is getting close to being so. Our next chapter is dependent upon the actions and decisions made by our government and Federal Reserve. Continued attempts to “remedy” the problem are likely. These enhance the probability of hyperinflation.