Middle Class Being Sold Out

It is tiring for most folks to listen to economic theories. The following quote should get your attention however:

The Fed and the U.S. Treasury won’t openly say this but what they are doing is exporting the U.S. middle class around the globe and lowering the standard of living for most Americans because of their goal of maintaining the current monetary and banking system in place.

Simply and concisely this quote explains what has been happening, both recently and over many years. The above quote and the following one are from an article entitled Dark Ages for a modern Middle Class – Modern day debt serfdom and rising prices not seen through the consumer price index. Coffee up 50 percent for the year:

The Federal Reserve has already set a torch to the U.S. dollar.  Not only is this an open policy, it is what is desired.  The Fed states this will make our goods more competitive globally but in reality what they are saying is that they need to bailout their crony banking friends while lowering the standard of living for the middle class in America.  Bankers don’t care about allegiance to a currency or nation because they’ll just shift money around like a chess game.  But most Americans get paid in U.S. dollars and not Euros.

If you feel that your paycheck is buying less you are right.  You can thank the U.S. Central Bank for issuing in a new Dark Age for the middle class.

The article is worth a read if you believe we are in a deflation or don’t understand what the Fed is doing to the country.

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