November, 2010

No Hard Times for Government

The exploitation of the sheeple continues. We suffer while the political class thrives. Here are some facts your government would prefer you not know: 12 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind – Federal Employees And Members Of Congress Are Getting Rich While Those Of Us Who Pay Their Salaries Suffer by Michael Do you remember the days when getting elected to [...]

“A tragedy for mankind!”

Diaries, especially when they are kept during historic times, are always fascinating. Arthur Burns, former Fed Chair under Nixon, Ford and Carter, kept one that is now public. These were hectic times, characterized by Watergate, the resignation of a President, inflation and stagflation. The latter two events coincided, something that forced macroeconomists (at least the Keynesians) back to their drawing [...]

A Year Ago — Investment Facts

In an important post for investors, a year ago, it was shown that … your $200,000 ten years ago has been halved in terms of purchasing power. However, in terms of planning purposes, your anticipated retirement amount has been reduced by 75%. Given these outcomes, who will be able to retire? And for those already retired, how many will “unretire?” [...]

Jekyll and Hyde Government

Respect for anything associated with government that is non-military is virtually nonexistent. Aside from loving their own benefits, opinion polls affirm that Americans’ respect for politicians and government is at all-time lows. In a country that once prided itself on American spirit and individuality, it is not difficult to understand why. Two factors are important: “Government-gone-wild,” characterized by unprecedented bailouts, [...]

Suze Orman Speaks Out

I have always considered Suze Orman a lightweight amongst financial advisors. Based on the following (hat tip to Financial Armageddon), perhaps I misjudged her: When asked about her financial fears, Orman said: “My only fear in life, when it comes to money, is what’s happening in the United States of America. The American dream is dead for the majority of America.” [...]

Returning Power to the People

The need to declaw and emasculate Leviathan is becoming more apparent by the day. The ability to do so may be the key to the survival of the country because people are fed up. As discussed in an article on American Thinker today: Ordinary people see a ruling class thriving while they suffer. Large corporations get preferred treatment while the [...]

Irish Protests Coming Here?

More than 100,000 protest in Dublin against austerity program. The US will face similar austerity cuts in the future. It is impossible mathematically to honor our obligations. The longer politicians ignore the problem, the bigger these cuts will be. The bigger the cuts, the bigger the pushback coming from the people. Our ostrich politicians better get their heads out of [...]

Quote of the Day — Politics vs. Finance

Discussing the Eurozone problems, Tyler Cowen said the following: In a nutshell, we’re watching the most pitched, highest-stakes, most determined battle between politics and finance which has been staged. I am expecting finance to win. It’s not just about PIGS and the future of the eurozone, it’s settling a very general question about the relative power of politics and finance. [...]

Year Ago – Porter Stansberry on Bankruptcy of the US

This post appeared a year ago in November 2009. It is worth reading or re-reading. The numbers which caused Stansberry to fear bankruptcy within 12 months have only gotten worse. Perhaps it is QE2 that is temporarily protecting the government from missing payment obligations. I suspect that we will know before QE2 runs out the dire condition of the US [...]


For those interested in survival (we all are, I have just not reached this point yet), here is an article that might be useful. 14 Lessons I’ve Learned About Survival by M.D. CREEKMORE on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2010 By reading some survival blogs (know who you are) and books you get the expression that you need to spend $100,000 to reach a suitable level of [...]