So Simple a Caveman Could Do It

Chuck Roger has presented a concise and damning commentary on Paul Krugmanz:

Paul Krugman proves that the Nobel Prize is no measure of intelligenceby Chuck Rogér
September 3, 2010

Does receiving the Nobel Prize in economics cause cognitive disorders or dishonesty? Or conversely, does eligibility for the Prize require that a candidate already be cognitively or morally challenged?

New York Times op-ed economist and Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman, recently accusedRepublicans and conservative Democrats of refusing to “help an ailing economy.” As evidence of the alleged meanness, Krugman claims that although conservatives won’t do what he thinks they ought to do–spend gazillions more of our grandchildren’s dollars as further economic stimulus–they are nevertheless “eager to cut checks averaging $3 million each to the richest 120,000 people in the country.”

The statement is stunningly stupid, dishonest, or both. Krugman was referring to the average amount of annual taxes that each of the top 120,000 earners would not have to pay if the Bush tax cuts were extended in 2011.

So here we have a dunce, who in this case happens to be a Nobel Laureate, calling for more of the faux-solution that has only delayed the economic recovery in the first place, stimulus. Krugman’s accusation further implies that not committing robbery constitutes giving away money. That’s right, like most liberals, Krugman does not understand that government has no money of its own to give away.

To be fair, Krugman is no worse than other liberal geniuses. The otherworldly liberal/progressive mindset sees money that government doesn’t rob from taxpayers as gifts to taxpayers.

To call Krugman types childish is to insult children.

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  1. Love that put-down, but unfortunately the message there will never sink in to the thick skulls of Krugman and his ilk. A long-term change in national leadership might have the effect of muting their noise, but these boneheads will always exist.

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