IT is near; We just don’t know what IT is

It is coming! We just don’t know in what form or when. I am talking, of course, about the economic catastrophe that lies ahead. Gordon T. Long aptly describes the road ahead:

We can never be sure of the sequence and time frame of any particular Tipping Point. Like a house of cards you never know which one, or what movement will precisely bring the house of cards down. What you know however, is that it will happen – you just need to be patient and prepared. Unfortunately few have the patience or think they can time it for even more profit.

Long has a very interesting website where he attempts to detail the factors that bear on our future. His approach is especially detailed and attempts to point out the interrelationships and complexities amongst the relevant variables. I think you might find it interesting. See his post on tipping points. From his website you will see the other detailed work he has done trying to understand how our economic crisis plays out. His is not easy reading, but it is worthwhile.

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