July, 2010

Economic Adjustments

I am shocked, shocked! Just as Claude Rains was in Casablanca. That is my reaction to Mish’s post regarding revisions in government numbers: The BEA has finally admitted something anyone with a modicum of common sense already knew: The recession was far deeper and the “recovery” far weaker than previously reported. To get detail on what these adjustments were, read [...]

The State Against Blacks and Other People

Many years ago Dr. Walter Williams wrote a book entitled The State Against Blacks. It was a book that I believed would be excellent required reading in an elementary economics course. I especially thought this for the brief time when I taught at an historically black university. Of course that was impossible, because Dr. Williams was “politically incorrect” in stating [...]

An American Future: Introduction

I am very pleased to present a guest post from Kevin at 20smoney.com. Kevin brings a different perspective than I. He is much younger and just starting his journey into a career. I am impressed by his knowledge and commitment. He appears wise beyond his years. Regardless of your age, I think you will find his work interesting. It find [...]

Another Comparison to Rome

Rocky Vega opines on the Daily Reckoning about the similarities of Washington and Rome. How Washington is Far Worse off Than Rome by Rocky Vega While there have been many comparisons of how the US’ current descent from its solitary superpower status bears an uncanny resemblance to the crumbling Roman Empire, Jim Rickards, in an interview with King World News, [...]

The Pretence of Knowledge

The “Pretence of Knowledge” was the title of economist Friedrich Hayek’s 1974 Nobel speech. In his first few sentences, he described the then-prevailing economic condition in words appropriate to today: … [this economic condition] has been brought about by policies which the majority of economists recommended and even urged governments to pursue. We have indeed at the moment little cause [...]

What Recovery?

If you are old enough to remember the Joe Isuzu commercials, then you will realize what the media full-court press is attempting. Of course, Joe was great fun while our media desperately want you to believe there is a recovery.  There is none and will not be one for quite a while. Do not fall for their cheerleading. It will [...]

Likely Government Revenue Raising Measures

I am not endorsing revenue increases for the government. My position is for government spending cuts, a lonely preference in terms of Washington-think. Washington’s Pavlovian response, always, is that more revenue is required. That is the response for government all the time, whether it be Federal, state or local. There is never enough revenue for all the wonderful things they [...]

A Political Activist

A likely accurate representation of what might be called a “political activist.” This “concerned citizen” leads a useless existence, at least with respect to effecting change in what matters to him. From The Big Picture via via Windowless Van:

Repent: The end is near

It was a lazy afternoon.  At least it was until I came across a blog by Mish. There was little in the post that I didn’t know or suspect, but this quote triggered a reaction: “It hides the economic substance of what’s really happening—an unlimited taxpayer bailout.” William Black, a former no-nonsense regulator, described in that statement everything that has [...]

The Economics of Obamacare and Obama

The article below was posted by An Objectivist Individualist. It is interesting on two levels. First, it clearly shows the adverse impact of ObamaCare on your future health care. Second, while dealing with healthcare, it is a perfect example of what incentives and disincentives do to individuals. Every rule and regulation that Obama imposes affects someone — doctors, businessmen, consumers, [...]

More on Rome

Two immediate responses on the previous post regarding Rome are worthy of special attention. The first by Charles Anderson from whose excellent website The Objectivist Individualist most of the material was obtained. [Correction: The original material was from 20smoney.com ]  Mr. Anderson replied: Few Americans know enough history to be able to draw any parallels with the fall of Rome [...]