“We have not witnessed incompetence at this level in living memory.”

Last November, I speculated in a couple of articles that Obama was a failed President. At that time, I wrote:

The politicians in Congress see these same signs and read the polls. At this point they are trying to decide what is least dangerous for their individual careers. For the Republicans that probably means pouring gasoline on ship Obama. For the Democrats, it is a more difficult problem. Ultimately, I believe they will abandon the rotting ship. Politicians of both parties are like rats; they are survivors. All politicians will take that course which they believe gives them the best chance for individual survival. Loyalty be damned.

Since then, time has reordered events. A massive restructuring of about one-fifth of the economy (ObamaCare) was passed by the Democrats over the objections of a majority of the citizens. Despite continuing efforts to move support levels, the new legislation remains as unpopular as ever with the public.

The British Petroleum oil spill occurred. It quickly put the Administration’s incompetence on display for the entire world to see. It soured many Obama supporters (particularly the environmentalists). The BP disaster continues with no apparent solution in sight.

The economy has not improved despite the early promises and projections of the Administration. Indeed, unemployment is higher than they estimated it would be without the stimulus. Official unemployment is almost 10%. Unofficial estimates are over 20%. Nothing constructive is being done to solve the unemployment problem.

The massive stimulus programs requested and obtained by the Administration have done nothing to energize an economic recovery. They have driven the nation closer to inevitable financial default.  The failed Keynesian theory was doomed from the beginning, as discussed in Why Obamanomics will not improve the economy. Last week, the G-20 rebuffed Geithner’s (Obama’s) call for more stimuli, effectively admitting the futility and dangers associated with such policies.

The US economy has not benefited from all the “cheerleading” by the Administration and its supporters in the press. Deficit spending and monetary stimulus has not worked. Pundits are likely to declare a “double-dip” recession within the next three to six months. Eventually a Great Depression will be proclaimed, as discussed in Worse than a Depression.

We have reached the point where sides are being chosen. Numerous high-profile Democrats have not only jumped ship but also left the water, choosing to resign rather than risk almost sure defeat. Others appear to be distancing themselves from the President by being conspicuously absent from photo-ops they used to beg for a year ago. Few politicians leave office or avoid photo-ops with a President without serious reasons.

Obama’s low popularity threatens to make him an albatross for his party. Dorothy Rabinowitz, in the Wall Street Journal , comments on what is probably his fatal political flaw:

A great part of America now understands that this president’s sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs. He is hard put to sound convincingly like the leader of the nation, because he is, at heart and by instinct, the voice mainly of his ideological class. He is the alien in the White House, a matter having nothing to do with delusions about his birthplace cherished by the demented fringe.

The American people want to identify with their leader(s). In most cases they vote for people they can relate to. That was one of the qualities that allowed Bill Clinton to be so popular despite his serious character flaws.

In The Verdict Is In – President Obama Is A Failure, it was stated:

It seems left, right and across the Atlantic Ocean people are concluding President Obama is just not up to the job.

That conclusion was based on  “[t]hree amazing articles … that portend a lot of trouble for President Obama and the Democrat Party this year.” The first was the Rabinowitz piece referenced above. The second captured the Left’s anger in a long, informative and damning piece in Rolling Stone which repeatedly questioned the competence of the Administration. The third, from The Globe and Mail in the UK, reflected European disillusionment (my emphasis added):

Mr. Obama’s rhetoric is unbecoming and ineffective. His apparent anger is rising in direct proportion to demands that he must appear angry. That Mr. Obama has yet to even pick up the phone to speak to Mr. Hayward shows the extent to which the comments are damage control, albeit not of an environmental kind.

We have not witnessed incompetence at this level in living memory. The inexperienced junior senator from Illinois is demonstrating why you cannot elect someone who spent their entire life avoiding executive responsibilities to an executive position. The country – from left through center to right – is increasingly aware something is horribly wrong.

Recently the American Spectator predicted that Obama would resign before his first term was over. That judgment was based on mistakes already made and the potential for more to come:

… [the Democrats] will have limited tolerance for the above described political pressures and chaos. With the very survival of their party at stake, the Democrats will buckle and desert President Obama, joining the calls for his resignation. At that point, with zero prospects for reelection, and unable to govern effectively, he will resign.

Even the US mainstream media finally seems to have gotten it. Despite supporting President Obama to the point of risking their journalistic credibility and integrity, it appears that the press is no longer willing to blindly back a ship that appears destined for the bottom. It is natural that they, just as the Democrats, don’t want to risk being dragged under by the vortex of the sinking ship.

Meanwhile, we remain in precarious times. The economy is getting worse, the oil spill is no closer to solution and international relations have seriously deteriorated with respect to both allies and adversaries. The dangers that arise from misunderstandings and missteps have never been higher.

Regarding Obama’s hope of turning the growing disillusionment around, The Globe and Mail opines bluntly (my emphasis added):

So what event can turn this growing tide of failure into a success? Nothing. There is absolutely nothing Obama and his young team of yahoos can do to change these results now. The best they can hope for is no other problems crop up for them to fail over.

This is no time for an inexperienced, pompous stage-prop to be in charge of the fate of the nation. No one, save Jimmy Carter, can be happy about this situation.

Perhaps even Jimmy would prefer to retain his position as the worst President in history, rather than see this paper-machete figure destroy the country.

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