June, 2010

Government Ponzi Starts Going Exponential

14 Reasons Why The U.S. Will Never Have A Balanced Budget Again Michael Snyder | Jun. 25, 2010, 1:01 PM The United States government will never have another balanced budget again.  Yes, you read that correctly.  U.S. government finances have now reached a critical “tipping point” and things are going to spin wildly out of control from this time forward. Read [...]

The Moocher Index

This may be a good measure of the decadent morality and ethics of the US, by region. It may also reflect the ingrained dependency encouraged in these areas. After all, if you are going to make a living off government programs, you should be proficient at your job. Very interesting. How many of these states are Blue States? Chuck Roger [...]

Inflation or Deflation One More Time

Ludwig von Mises predicted that every expansionary boom would collapse. Either the currency would be destroyed or the expansion would stop plunging the country into a Depression. His first option, the destruction of the currency would be accompanied by high inflation (possibly hyperinflation) and then Depression. The end result in both cases is the bust. Is it possible that the [...]

Progress in 100 Years

An email, author unknown, produced a lot of information of what it was like to live 100 years ago. It shows just how far we have come. Amazing!! Just as amazing is to think that our government today believes it is responsible for everything and everyone. It might be interesting, when reviewing the obvious progress, to determine how many of [...]

Keynesian Economics = Baloney

Patrick Barron rewrites the famed Keynesian equation as C + I + G = BALONEY and states: “Wrongheaded governmental interventions are preventing the world’s largest economies from recovering from massive malinvestment.” Read his entire article here. It is a worthwhile, common sense approach that non-economists can appreciate. Who but statists could not appreciate the following: “The key fallacy embedded in [...]

Atlas Shrugs and Caesar Ignores

Atlas is shrugging. John Galt has his bags packed and his plane is warming up for a one-way trip. As this scenario plays out, the Lords of the Political Realm don’t appear to care. They either have no understanding regarding what is happening or they just don’t care. Or possibly they have no other options, at least as they view [...]

Why Inflation Will Occur

For those of who believe an economic apocalypse is unavoidable, there is disagreement as to what the end looks like. Some very bright people disagree whether the end is the hell of hyperinflation or death by freezing in the depths of deflation. To understand this issue better, two points are important. First, inflation (or deflation) is always and everywhere a [...]

Our Empty-Suited President

Mark Steyn has a devastating piece in National Review on the emptiness of Obama: To return to Cohen’s question: “Who is this guy? What are his core beliefs?” Well, he’s a guy who was wafted ever upward from theHarvard Law Review to state legislator to United States senator without ever lingering long enough to accomplish anything. “Who is this guy?” [...]

Uncle Sam’s Plantation

This column, from Star Parker, is about one year old. I recently was reminded of it and thought it had pertinence regarding the current direction of our country. Ms. Parker has seen both sides, i.e., dependence and independence. She knows that Socialism promotes the former and Capitalism and Freedom the latter. Her journey might be described by Hayek and others [...]

On Our Way to A Second-World Country

I recently posted a video from Steve Wynn that indicated China was a safer place for business than America. Here is additional evidence, from Ilana Mercer, of how idiotic the economic policies of the U.S. have become: ANC More Prudent Than DP & GOP AFRICA,AMERICA,DEBT,DEMOCRACY,ECONOMY,REPUBLICANS,SOUTH-AFRICA Want a measure of how bad America’s duopoly is; of the extent to which the criminal [...]

VERY IMPORTANT – Why We Will Continue to Decline

A MUST WATCH China is more desirable for business than the U.S. Sure they have potentially huge markets. But that is not the point of this piece. They are more desirable because they are more stable and less uncertain. The political and legal stability of China now is judged to be superior to that of the United States. Imagine, a [...]