The Decay of a Civilization

Times are tough. No one questions that. However, how much of our current condition is do to the entitlement mentality that has been encouraged and assisted by the government over the past fifty or more years?

That is an unanswerable question, at least within the context of any proof to support either a negative or positive response. However, I cannot believe that the lack of responsibility and Nanny state has not encouraged a great deal of the behavior that shows up in the following chart. Clearly we are wealthier in terms of material goods than our ancestors ever were. Yet our ancestors did not act irresponsibly in their private lives,  indulging themselves for the moment like our current generation. Nor did they destroy the future for us or our grandchildren.

Apparently all the corruption, bailouts, moral hazard and the notion that someone will take care of me has taken root and the result is to the right.

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