The Empty Suit President

Kyle-Anne Shiver writes a devastatingly effective column on the empty suit known as our President. She first questions his purported intelligence:

If there is a single thing that Barack Obama has proved to the American people — beyond any reasonable doubt — it is that he is not smart.  And neither are those so-called brilliant folks surrounding him, aiding him, advising him, and egging him on against the will of the people.

Then she deals with his veracity:

From his whoppers about small things on the campaign trail (his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz; his parents married because of Selma; his father got a scholarship to America from the Kennedy’s) to his lies about very big things (his health care plan will reduce employer insurance premiums by 3000 percent, or $3,000 — still a lie), this president is now only allowed in polite company because he is the president. In any real-world company, inveterate liars are shunned as utterly untrustworthy, unreliable, unwelcome guests.

Finally, she concludes with the embarrassment he has become for all but the Kool-aid drinking followers:

… this president is becoming an embarrassing laughingstock. It is painful to watch, even for those of us who hate big government. Seeing a grown man make this big a fool of himself — especially the one who carries the banner for the entire American citizenry — is no pleasure. It is pure pain.

This originally appeared on American Thinker

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