Kofi Annan: Public Nuisance

kofifatMr. Kofi A. Annan has opined on the Huffington Post regarding the Copenhagen Summit.  Mr. Annan is former Secretary-General of the United Nations. Like a bad penny, this man will not go away.

As part of his natural role as Public Nuisance, Mr. Annan is Chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation and the Africa Progress Panel  and President of the Global Humanitarian Forum.  All these organizations, including his former employer at the UN, have one thing in common. They are all parasitic. None increase wealth for society in any way. They merely redistribute it. The principals, on the other hand, are able to enhance their personal wealth and lifestyles as well as inflate their reputations.unbritt

The politically-correct and high-sounding names and goals of the organizations serve to mask the true purpose for their existence. All exist for the purpose of draining wealth from productive members of society. Usually this wealth is provided via grants from various Government States. But States create no wealth either. They use coercive taxing power to confiscate it from productive citizens.

Mr. Annan was shallow in his figurehead position at the United Nations and continues to be shallow in his opinion piece. True to form, he tries to use his silver tongue, rather than facts, to make a case for climate legislation. True to form, his real goal is not what he claims it to be, but masked behind a cascade of politically-correct clichés.

Mr. Annan’s first sentence contains the phrase “robust political deal.”  His handlers probably should have substituted the word “agreement” for “deal.” This apparent slip tells you where the article is heading.

The term “climate justice” is quickly utilized. At this point, observant readers should be able to understand that science or protecting the earth is not his primary motive. If that is not enough, perhaps this sentence will be: “A deal which is not clear on the finance will be both unacceptable to developing countries, and unworkable.”

And now, we have reached the core of Mr. Annan’s article – Getting Money!  Whether Mr. Annan truly believes in man-made global warming is irrelevant. His true purpose is to set up a worldwide welfare state, with the richer nations supporting the poorer ones. Naturally, his and other like organizations would be intermediaries in this process as suggested in his phrase: ”not just for managing climate change, but for human development, social justice and global security.”

Have we not heard quite enough from this man and his ilk? Very few of these “do-gooders” exist to help the poor. Too many are International Ambulance Chasers that line their own pockets and lifestyles. To them, wealth anywhere is a target that will be pursued under whatever pretense is most likely to work.

This blog appeared in American Thinker on December 11, 2009.

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  1. How many World Bank loans have been written-off over the decades? That series would be wonderful to show. I am thinking over 50%, but I don’t know where to find that number easily. Maybe call Paul Wolfowitz?

  2. Like World Bank loans, any Global Warming “deals” will go to the rulers of those undeveloped countries, not to the general population. So the situation is unchanged for the past 40 years, just the vehicle of transferring money is different.

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