December, 2009

Key to Investment Success — Inflation or Deflation?

For investors, the critical question is are we headed toward Inflation or Deflation. How you answer this question and prepare for what you believe is coming, will be the single most important factor in your investment outcomes over the next five or so years. There are plenty of smart people on both sides of this argument. Listen to their positions [...]

One Vote for Inflation

Here is a view of inflation that tends to fit my outlook  for 2010 : Some Pretty Amazing Stats … by Larry Edelson on December 28, 2009 at 8:30 am I’m talking about inflation data courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). I find the stats startling because it’s proof positive that inflation is far from dead. And as [...]

Clown Government

The incredibly inept performance of this Administration with respect to almost anything is astounding. Most astounding of all is its performance with respect to terrorism. That should shock everyone, regardless of whether they consider themselves conservative or liberal. As one moves across the ideological spectrum from right to left, the perceived role of the government expands.  To the extreme right, [...]

Foster Brooks and Dean Martin

Two posts ago, I included Max Baucus speaking on the Senate floor suggesting he resembled Foster Brooks. For those who have never seen Foster Brooks, here is a classic piece with Dean Martin. I apologize to Mr. Brooks for using his name in the same sentence with Senator Baucus.

Progressivism Clueless

From the American Thinker: Return to the Article December 29, 2009 The Government Still Hasn’t a Clue By Christopher Chantrill Thomas Frank, the Wall Street Journal‘s tame liberal columnist, experienced the Noughties (2000-2009) as a  “low, dishonest decade.” It was all corporate scandals, slack regulation, and unnecessary wars. Allow me, Mr. Frank, to propose a narrative a little more expansive [...]

Max Baucus as Foster Brooks

Your representatives and tax dollars at work. Perhaps this man has a future career as Foster Brooks. If Any of Us Showed Up to Work Like This, We’d Get Fired | Share |(no tags) Today 9:45 AM|Steve Horwitz Steven HorwitzThe next time someone tries, with a straight face, to tell you that the Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body [...]

Housing Market is Awful

Kicking the Can Down the Road If you believe that the housing market is improving, it might be understandable given the “pumping” provided by main-stream media, CNBC, government officials and Federal Reserve statements. However, you might want to look at government actions rather than propaganda. On Christmas eve, after the close of markets, Bloomberg reported regarding Fannie and Freddie: “The [...]

Treasury Bubbles About To Burst

Our ability to fund our deficits and fixed income needs ended last year. The Treasury market is perhaps the biggest bubble yet to burst. It is highly probable that this bubble reached its zenith and started to deflate 2009, propped up only by extensive and surreptitious quantitative easing. It is nearly certain that it bursts in 2010. When it does, [...]

John Williams on Hyperinflation

We’re Screwed! founder John Williams explains the risk of hyperinflation. Worst-case scenario? Rioting in the streets and devolution to a bartering system. Thursday, December 31, 2009 By Phil Maymin [Gold is] going to be highly volatile, as will the dollar, over the near term, but longer term, physical gold I would look at as a primary hedge for preserving [...]

Ponzi Scheme Unravels

“… all Ponzi schemes eventually fail under their own weight. The US debt scheme is no different.” Sprott Asset Management Belief in the economic recovery story is akin to belief in Santa Claus. Both make us feel better, but both are unlikely. We may have another quarter or two of government-driven GDP growth, but we will not have a recovery, [...]

Masses or Prostitutes?

According to Rasmussen:  “Twenty-nine percent (29%) say the economy is getting better while 47%% say it’s getting worse.” This view is vastly different from the so-called economists who believe that things are getting better. Indeed, we have heard announcements from them that the recession has ended. (I assume they do not mean that the recession has ended and the Depression [...]

Will Keynesians Please Answer?

There is not much to add to this post by Steven Horwitz. Obviously, the Keynesians will say that it is too simplistic; that economics is more complex, more “nuanced.” Well, no it isn’t! Only if you are selling snake oil do you have to avoid simplicity and straight-forward questions. Only if you are on the government payroll or aspiring to [...]